quando ho "scoperto" ad.personam da un annuncio google ads, ho pensato che fosse lo strumento piu' adatto per una realtà indipendente come la nostra, che è stata storicamente focalizzata su performance e quando era stata chiamata a fare programmatic, si richiedeva una gestione a un partner abilitato e spesso parlando sempre investimenti ingenti. Invece con il tuo servizio, nel target delle agenzie... Show more

Apr 20, 2023

As a digital media agency, we were looking for a programmatic advertising solution that could help us streamline our operations and give us real-time control over our campaigns. That's when we discovered ad:personam's Self Serve DSP. The Smart Templates feature allowed us to easily set up and run campaigns, saving us time and effort. We were impressed with the level of targeting management functio... Show more

Apr 21, 2023

“LEMA high pressure cleaners are sold all over Austria so the best way to reach the client is through the internet. ad:personam made it possible for us to get access to a tool used by big brands at a fraction of the enormous cost. The Team of ad:personam responds swiftly in case of any questions. The value for money of this tool is just great.”

May 13, 2022

Michael Weidacher

Michael Weidacher

"With ad:personam we have a very easy and good way for us to make the first experiences in programmatic advertising and Ciro's help was very valuable to us as we have not previously had any experience in programmatic advertising. Thank you again for all the tips & hints on designing the ads and building the campaign! We will certainly run more campaigns with it."

Jan 7, 2022

"Genuinely the best part of working with ad:personam is our relationship with our account management team. They are always helpful and get back to us with insights very quickly. The fact the platform has only a monthly fee is also fantastic and makes booking programmatic campaigns very easy and fast. The reporting service for campaigns via Data Studio Dashboard is very useful and we make plenty of... Show more

Nov 23, 2021

Eduardo Vieitez

Eduardo Vieitez

“ad:personam has been the perfect solution to our problem. It has given us the opportunity to do highly targeted programmatic campaigns with easy access to premium networks at a very affordable price. Their self-serve platform is very user friendly and intuitive to use and if you have any problem, their customer service is always there to solve your problem.”

Apr 9, 2021