Nicole Struppert

Nicole Struppert

Would I buy the Film Styles? Yes! There are still a few things missing but the price is fantastic and for Capture One users it's a fantastic opportunity to save some time on the workflow.


David Eaton

Is it worth the money? I would defiantly say yes. The styles are strong, diverse, authentic and are a great starting point to bring that extra bit of life to your images. Sometimes the hardest part of an editing workflow is deciding on the look and feel of your images. The new styles are great to skim through, allowing you to view a range of styles instantly. Even if you apply the styles and edit from there on they give you a great starting point sometimes one you would never have considered.

Tor Martin Søndenå

All in all I highly recommend Film Styles. The filmpack makes me more creative, speed up my workflow and for the price of $49.99 I think this pack is something every Capture One user should try out.

Wojciech Toman

Summing up, I already mentioned in my review of Capture One that this software works very well in replicating look & feel of photos from film age and the Film Styles presets take this concept one step further by providing very good representation of various films. Presets included in the collection are great starting point and with so many to choose from... Everyone should find something that will fit their needs & post-processing style. Not only photographers who miss shooting film.