Neerja Mittersain-Ravishanker

Thanks to The Alien, We witnessed a noticeable user transition. The design team was receptive to feedback and responsive to any mid-project change in the deliverables. We admire their quick and agile work management.

Hatim Sunelwala

The internal team has received positive feedback on its looks and feel form user testing groups. The Alien sets clearly defined goals and adheres to a set timeline. The team is hard-working, creative, and driven.

Abinesh S

The Alien was always open to feedback and iterations. The team conducted a weekly meeting to discuss the work in progress and updates. They worked effectively to deliver within deadlines.

Varun Mehta

Thanks to The Alien's work, the client was able to launch two apps within four months which satisfied their expectations. The team communicated seamlessly and established an effective workflow. Customers can expect creative and in-demand UI/UX designers.


The Alien conducted effective meetings and working sessions to meet the business goals. They went the extra mile towards the app's design and their team's expertise in the app was impressive.