The ATS has evolved over a number of years into a high functioning and flexible system. Ayk runs a variety of formats through the system and it has helped drive tennis participation at Raynes Park.

Lynne Wilson

ATS league gives you access to great regular singles and doubles play for all levels. Leagues are preset so matches are easy to arrange. The full set format makes this excellent for match play practice whether improver or club team player.
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ATS has allowed me to join tennis leagues and play opponents I would have never met otherwise. ATS is very intuitive, user friendly, quick and responsive. The best thing is how it initiates and manages various leagues seamlessly and is automated so takes no time to use.
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Sam Fellerman

ATS has been a great help in finding competitive matches especially at a club where their offerings were poor. It filled the hole that David Lloyd couldn't do themselves. Thanks for giving us multiple fantastic ways to play competitive tennis! I have thoroughly enjoyed both the leagues and tournmanets you have put togther and also the user friendly website to track scores and statistics! Thanks again!

Caryn Morgan

Ayk and his ATS system is the key platform for all tennis (and recently Pickleball) players at David Lloyd Raynes Park. My husband and I regularly join the doubles and championship leagues. Through this system we have met wonderful players and made new friends. The ATS system once registered provides you with your statistics and upcoming matches. WhatsApp groups are created once your league starts to help you organise your matches. I highly recommend the ATS system for any rackets sports club and for any player who wants to improve their game.
Scotty Whittington

Scotty Whittington

ATS League has provided me a great opportunity to meet and play tennis with players of a similar standard. I've met some lifelong friends thanks to Ayk's fantastic ability to take organising matches with strangers, a simple and stress free process. I see so many friendly faces at the club now, whom I would never have met if it wasn't for the ATS solution. I also don't think I would be playing as much tennis now if I didn't have this to keep me interested, engaged and keen to play my next match. On the App, I find myself spending lots of time looking at mine and my tennis friends' statistics and latest match scores with avid interest. A truly great system which brings like-minded players together, whatever their level.

Filippo Rinaldi

I’ve been enjoying ATS leagues for few years. As passionate tennis player I couldn’t recommend ATS system more. Thanks to it I can test my game against very different playing styles, it motivates me to improve my game in order to move to more challenging league groups, but, above all, ATS system has given me the opportunity to meet and befriend a wonderful community of like minded people that share my same passion.


The ATS leagues give a wonderful opportunity to play matches against players of similar abilities and challenge your progress through the 6 weekly ladders. It’s been a great opportunity for enjoying great tennis with match conditions and really enhanced the club tennis experience.

Laurence Jacometti

I have been using the ATS system for over a year now and it has allowed me to track my progress, enter results and be part of fun tournaments. It is super easy to use and very intuitive and has been a great addition to my tennis game


Before discovering the ATS tennis system, I merely enjoyed some casual tennis. However, since joining ATS, my experience has been transformative. Through this system, I've had the privilege of meeting numerous outstanding players. Organizing and participating in various matches not only elevated my tennis skills but also led to forming many meaningful friendships. As an avid ATS player, I felt the urge to further refine my abilities. Consequently, I sought private lessons from the esteemed coaches at David Lloyds, aiming to advance to a higher group. Now, these leagues and tournaments serve as a significant motivation for me to remain a member of the club and continue my enriching tennis journey.