Matt Koch

Erik has one of the best all encompassing finance guides I've ever come across! He has courses that tailor to people of all finance knowledge backgrounds and his insurance lesson is worth the price of admission year after year. Erik, truly cares about what is best for his clients and is passionate about improving the financial health of all service members!
Shaun Mize

Shaun Mize

BLUF is a disciplined, unbiased and practical step-by step guide to getting your entire financial picture in order. As a military member in the modern age, we are bombarded with poor financial advice from social media to insurance/mutual fund salesmen who don’t care about what we really need. It is refreshing to see someone coming at the space from a fee only and fiduciary standpoint and gets wh... Show more


When a $250 one hour session saves you thousands of dollars (quite literally), I'm inclined to believe that this is a product well worth paying for.