Luis D Matos

Luis D Matos

1. I looked to buy it because I’m an active supporter of the expat community in Japan. After seeing the cover, I bought for the provocative cover.

The cover expressed many experiences in Japan that I have experienced and want to know more about. -mysterious traditions - forbidden romance - danger in paradise - clash of old & new And more. (Just in the cover) The washi paper was also a authentic touch.

The actual reading was enjoyable enough, the characters were likable and easy to relate to. The budding romance was eked out slowly as to not overshadow the more important mystery and ordeal at hand.


Sex, the sex scene was a bit too explicit for me. I was hoping for more implicit imagery, I also, thought repping Yuki’s wrist off served no purpose, I sorcery could have been applied her more effectively.

Also, there are many terms I simply did not understand, a glossary would have made the whole experience more valuable and utility to the book. The book also had some garbled text that lost me on meaning. At times I did not know which character was narrating when. Finally, the table of content should have tittles not just numbers.

I wonder if getting some comments or foreword in the book by members from the Noh community would also add value and bring the work into the real world.

Daniel Schaublin

Daniel Schaublin

Brandon's hardcover book that includes 10+ stories is a collection of stories that's great for anyone interested in Japanese culture. It references a lot of stuff based on real Japanese translations that many people living outside might not know about, and can make you think sometimes how black cultures and Japanese cultures could go together if they could coexist side to side in the future.

Steven Weber

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I bought a Fukuyama Koto after searching for kotos and only finding very low grade instruments in America, and mass produced kotos for export from Japan.

Having the option to buy a koto made in the traditional fashion was a huge plus for me. During my research into kotos, I found a lot of sites commenting on how quiet the koto is, and ways to increase the volume. 

But much to my delight, I did not need to use any of them. The koto projects amazingly well, with clear tones throughout its range. It looks stunning as well, so it's both art for the eyes and the ears. Buying the koto was very easy.

Brandon kept me informed about the status of the order and gave me a tracking number when it shipped. It arrived in a crate, very well secured and protected during its journey to me. I'm very happy with my koto, and I look forward to enjoying it for years to come!