Ryan Seager

Ryan Seager


A previous partner failed to implement a functionally-savvy Accounting Seed instance within our growing business. Mike and his team parachuted into our project, and very quickly (and very patiently) worked with our team to re-address our priorities and methodically rescue our digital accounting environment. Clear Cloud One proved to be a highly economical and high-quality solution provider.

May 26, 2023


Christopher Kalinsky

Operations/Warehouse Manager - Salesforce ADMIN

Clear Cloud One is the real deal. Many people promised us a lot of things when buying software. Mike and his team were only ones that could explain things clearly and implement them correctly. If you are implementing software on Salesforce, save time, money and avoid headaches…by going directly to Clear Cloud One.

Apr 25, 2023


Caitlin Knight

Corporate Controller, Blackwood Associates, Inc.

We highly recommend Clear Cloud One for Accounting Seed consulting. We have a fast paced and demanding business environment and Mike and the team were able to work around our schedules and get the project done on time and on budget. I went into the project hesitant on the software transition but Clear Cloud One made sure that we were set up for success.

Apr 26, 2023


Jonathan Sanborn

Director of Financial Planning

Absolutely loved working with the CCO team. They helped jumpstart a stalled ERP implementation quickly and got us over the finish line in a short amount of time. Not only that, but they have continued to help and support our system with top notch assistance. As the ERP software changes, they are invaluable to make sure the tool continues to work, especially with the custom workflows we've imp... Show more

Apr 24, 2023


Uri Burger

I have been an Accounting Seed customer since July of this year. Through Accounting Seed’s website, we were referred to Clear Cloud One. Other partners we spoke with recommended a full re-implementation of Accounting Seed. After spending some time with Mike and his team they understood our issues and were able to put us on a better path to success. Mike’s patience in understanding our needs an... Show more

Apr 22, 2023


Raymond Kalinsky

Pulmonary Exchange, Ltd.

We wanted to change inventory systems…kind of a big deal in our business. We searched for a company that could help us get there. Clear Cloud One was the only company that didn’t make the problem bigger that it actually was. They took a common sense approach to getting us switched over…and it worked fabulously. If you need help getting something done on Salesforce or Accounting Seed… hire Clea... Show more

Apr 25, 2023