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Amanda Sheehan

Amanda Sheehan

Orange County, CA

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Incredibly simple & practical advice that’s easy to implement. Within a day I started getting more aligned matches and within 1 month met my partner of over a year! What he said attracted him to me was my values in my profile.

Dec 8, 2023



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Magnetic Dating Lab changed my entire approach. Within a few months I met a great partner who sees the world the way I do. We moved in together this January, and we’re getting married next fall! I’ve recommended your courses to a number of friends because I can see them struggling with the same patterns and frustrating outcomes that I struggled with for so long.

May 26, 2024


Jessi K

Kelsey's Magnetic Dating Lab exceeded my expectations and helped me stop accepting breadcrumbs from a guy I've been involved with for over a year.

I never thought I'd say this, but even if he said he wanted to be with me, I'm not gonna say yes and jump into his arms. But that would've been me before MDL! I have higher standards for myself now. I need consistency, reciprocation, and to be sure he's not just looking for the next "best" thing. Because I'm not doing that again. I'm not an option or someone he calls when he's bored and lonely. Even when I might be too. I don't want it!! THANK YOU!!

Jan 1, 2024

Jess DiFillippo

Jess DiFillippo

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I can’t recommend Kelsey enough! She changed my whole outlook and attitude about dating. She made me realize that bending over backwards for these men wasn’t going to make them like me more. Thanks to Kelsey the power was now in my hands. I felt more confident and no longer broken up if a guy didn’t want a second date with me. And thanks to Kelsey’s advice I started swiping outside my usual type and I just celebrated one year with the most amazing man. A man who makes me feel confident, sexy and secure in our relationship. A man I would have overlooked without Kelsey’s advice! So again I can’t recommend Kelsey enough ! She will change your life for the better!

May 28, 2024


Nancy Fowler

Magnetic Dating Lab totally changed my entire approach to dating. I used to be so devastated and "what's wrong with me" anytime I got rejected. And now it's like... the more they weed themselves out, the less I have to deal with 🙌 I used to put in so much effort with people who barely gave anything back. But now it's like "WOOO, another one weeded themselves out, I didn't even have to ask questions!"

Jul 31, 2023

Ellina S

Ellina S

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Kelsey helped me transition into friendship with a guy who had resistance to making any concrete plans for the future, and shortly after I met the man who is now my boyfriend! This pic is from the night he said he wants to go all in. 😊

Feb 2, 2024


Bailey G.

First of all, thank you so much creating a course that is so easy to follow AND so valuable and resourceful! So many things in this first module of Magnetic Dating Lab alone resonated with me and made me realize how far I've come in this self-work journey. The very first slide literally spoke to the version of myself a year or so ago - "you don't need anyone but you're allowed to want companionship." YES!!

Oct 25, 2023

Mikaela Snooks

Mikaela Snooks

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Working with Kelsey kept me so grounded when my anxious attachment threatened my relationship. She validated my experience while giving me the pep talks and reminders I needed to reframe my perspective & take actions that aligned with my values. She gave me hope when I was discouraged with the process. She taught me I could trust myself which transformed every area of my life. I am happily married & truly owe that to Kelsey as 1) I likely wouldn't have been on the dating apps to match with my husband if it weren't for her and 2) I would have run a few times when my relationship anxiety kicked in strong. Working with Kelsey 1:1 was 100% worth it to me, because truly can you put a value on forever love? Forever thankful & grateful 🫶🏼

Feb 15, 2024

Hanna Ostlind

Hanna Ostlind


Stumbled upon Kelsey’s IG after a devastating breakup and was instantly drawn to her coaching methods. First course I took was MDL. Let me just say, it was a game changer. Followed by having the opportunity to work with her 1:1. She has helped me grown as a woman and through working with her I have learned more about who I am and what I want in a future partner. Anyone looking at bettering themselves and their relationship, I can’t recommend her enough!

Dec 21, 2023



Kelsey helped me regain my confidence in dating. I was super hung up on an ex and she was there to help me understand why I was feeling that way. She also helped me put in perspective what I was looking for in a future partner based off of my past experiences and my personal goals. I highly recommend her! She’s a coach in your corner rooting you on through your trials and tribulations but she’s also your friend celebrating your victories (big and small)!!!

Mar 21, 2024


Diana W.

Colorado | Travel Nurse

I used to get wrapped up in excitement if he went to therapy and we had an amazing convo about mental health and our personality types. Now, I let myself be excited, but I know to look for more nuanced green and red flags. My thought process with dating is so different now and so much higher level... it's insane.

Feb 15, 2023


Irena M.

It feels surreal that this type of healthy relationship is just my norm now. It feels surreal to think there was a time this felt so unattainable. At first, there was a sense that what you were teaching sounded too good to be true. I thought it wouldn't actually happen for me, but now I'm just like wow, I never thought this kind of relationship was possible for me and I'm just so thankful for you!!

Oct 11, 2022


Ingrid K

The relationship I have with my partner blows my mind on a regular basis. He recently came home with me for the holidays and he would just hang out with my grandparents on his own, go on walks and get lunch together, and he's been learning phrases in Farsi to be able to communicate with my family. He bonded with my uncle over wine every night, at one point he went to Costco with my grandma and uncle without me there, I could go on and on!

Apr 7, 2023



Kelsey helped me grow so much. I know I will never beg to keep somebody in my life again or even to seek their attention. It's either going to come freely or it ain't gonna happen. It's just it's that simple. It has to be respectful and mutual or we will have nothing at all. l owe so so much of this to Kelsey! She stood behind me and never gave up on me through all my bad times. I'm beyond so grateful for her and that I chose her to work with!!!

May 16, 2023


Rebecca B

Working with Kelsey 1:1 changed my life. She saved me from completely sabotaging my relationship with my partner of 2 years. He recently took me back to the bar where we had our first date. It was so surreal sitting there again. I asked him "What would you say to that version of you that sat there with me on our first ever meet?" He said "I'd say that's your girl! You've found her, no more searching, she's the one you'll spend your life with. She'll test your patience sometimes, but you can't imagine how much you can love someone." I thought that was such a special moment 🥰🥰

Jul 21, 2023



Dallas, Texas

Kelsey popped up in my "for you" page on Instagram, and I'm not kidding when I say I've never been more grateful for Instagram and the impact that Kelsey Wonderlin has made on my sense of self, confidence and dating life in the year since then. Her approach is no-nonsense (she'll tell you when she sees red flags), yet incredibly positive and supportive -- something that stood out to me from any other coach or therapist I've worked with. 

Kelsey was an immediate match for me because of her accessibility (she's not just easy to talk to, but easy to reach). She offered immediate solutions from day one. She doesn't sit on the sidelines of your life like other coaches, she's in the trenches with you. Since working with her, I've become more resilient, proud of who I am, have total trust in my gut and access to real tools to get through the tougher moments of building a lasting relationship. I can honestly say I'm thrilled about the men I am meeting and for the next stage in my dating journey. Can't recommend her enough.

Dec 4, 2023


Heather K


I lost myself over the years and was stuck in unhealthy relationships for the longest time. Kelsey's courses and templates helped me so much. I cannot stress this enough: I am SO SO HAPPY. Thank you, thank you so much Kelsey!

Dec 7, 2023




I'm in many of Kelsey's courses: Magnetic Dating Lab, Dating App Bio Overhaul, Texting Comm Cure, Love or Leave, BBB, Self Love. I can't tell you how valuable her courses are. Kelsey has transformed my dating life and perspective. I'm 2 months out from my divorce. On a 2nd date with a new person, I told him I need more time and was able to communicate openly and set clear boundaries. I explained that I want to see alignment on compatibility before getting attached-so sex is not on the table for now (I get super attached after sex). It didn't scare him away! This is totally new to me- I really like the way I approach dating now - all credit to Kelsey!

Dec 12, 2023



I used to worry I would miss being single because I was taught growing up that the only way to be truly free and independent was to not be in a relationship. Kelsey helped me work through this and lean into my relationship. The longer I'm with my partner, the more I feel fully respected and cared for by him. There's no part of me that feels like I'm losing freedom or independence or any of that. It just feels like I'm so grateful to wake up next to him every day and create a home with him, but I still get to be my own independent, free person. Every day we get to choose to be with each other and that just feels so special 🥰

Dec 30, 2023


Nichole Nguyen

Atlanta, Georgia

I'm deliriously happy with my boyfriend of 1 year. We're both divorced and Kelsey's values-based approach helped us quickly see that we were a match and streamline our communication on bumble. 

He's very feminist but loves that I'm very feminine in my actions, and encourages me to be a boss ass bitch with my higher education and career, but also loves providing for me because he can!

Jan 1, 2024



What I feel with my partner is a deep, healthy love that I honestly didn't think was possible. I used to see relationships where the couple is so in love, or they've been married 75 years and love each other more than they did 75 years ago. I used to see that as a fairytale and I didn't think that was even possible. And now I'm like "oh my goodness like that's my relationship!" I can see myself in 75 years being as in love with him now as I was the day I met him. He's my best friend. Like truly my best friend. The person I want to go to and share everything with. The things that are exciting, when I'm having a hard day, when I'm just feeling anxious. He's just my person.

Jan 1, 2024


Cristina Allen

Your program has been amazing an absolutely transformative for me. I've finally absorbed that if a guy can't make a simple attempt to show interest, it's time to walk away. Being alone is better than dealing with inconsistencies!! 

And just cause I haven't found the kind of partner I'm looking for yet doesn't mean I'm not deserving of what I want. I don't need anyone. But I'm allowed to desire high-quality companionship. You're an angel!!

Jan 2, 2024


Michelle S.

Ontario, Canada

Working with Kelsey changed my life. Literally. (Currently wedding planning!! 💍)

Things turning out better than I imagined? Check.
Not getting hurt? Check.
Knowing I'm here for myself no matter what happens? Hell yea.

You're the best of the best Kelsey! You taught me the skill of self-trust while attracting the love of my life. Thank you!!

Jan 2, 2024


Ali Gardner

Physician's Assistant | NYC

Anytime a relationship didn't work out, l used to be angry at men like "I hate men, all men are this way" or shame spiral and blame myself thinking something's wrong with me. Now I'm just like "okay that wasn't a good fit, next!" without feeling on guard with the next guy or turning against myself. Never thought I'd say this, but dating is FUN!!!!

Jan 3, 2024



Almost 2 months ago I started this journey. I never thought I would be standing here in this amount of time. With the confidence I have now in such a short period of time!! The best is yet to come!! I am feeling confident and happy with myself and my choices!! l owe it all to you. When you have someone who has your back and believes in you. You believe more in yourself and your self worth!!! I'm not a quitter I just needed the right tools and support. You gave me them. learn and I grow more everyday!

Jan 3, 2024


Ella Harvey


Kelsey is phenomenal. She made me think for myself. I have complete trust in her. She has the most incredible and empowering way of helping you come to the right decision on your own terms without putting those thoughts into your head. I wish I could see Kelsey, weekly, forever! She had such a huge impact on my life and made me feel safe at a time where I mentally wasn’t in right headspace. I will be forever grateful for her help and the lesson she told me I will keep with me for life. Thank you so much, Kelsey. I highly recommend her.

Jan 8, 2024


Emily Z.

I'm honestly a little bit speechless. I'm just so happy and so in love and I feel so respected and cared for by my partner. It feels very special because I haven't always felt this way. Thank you for all your support through my relationship anxiety. I wouldn't be here without you. I'm so excited to continue exploring this relationship and move in with him next month!!!

Dec 27, 2023


Irena Z.

Financial Analyst | Boston, MA

I used to be so anxious in relationships, second-guessing myself and suspicious of my partner despite no evidence. Then I worked with Kelsey. I literally feel so healthy and secure in my relationship now, and it feels like a direct reflection of the healthy secure relationship I have with myself.

Jan 4, 2024



Before working with Kelsey, I had been on Raya for over a month with zero matches. After she audited my profile, I got a match within *ONE HOUR*!!! She knows her stuff.

Feb 19, 2024



Fairfax, VA

attached image

I took Kelsey's course and matched with my partner of 2 years in just a few days. Kelsey helped me rethink how I was approaching dating. 

I love that her focus is not about the end game being marriage, which seems to be the case for many dating coaches. What she focuses on is helping you figure out what your values are and what is important for you in a partner. Once I started focusing on my values, dating became much easier and deciding who was worth my time was way more clear. I found someone I can grow and change with and be my absolute self ❤️.

Mar 20, 2024


Valerie Martinez


I got the Texting Cure and I'm really happy I did! It made me realize a lot of blind spots in my communication. I like that Kelsey always leaves room for nuance. She's never like "It has to be like this!" Every relationship is so different and I feel like so much of the popular content right now is like "If they do this checklist then they are good and if they don't then cancel them" and it's just not helpful or very nice.

Jan 5, 2024


Katy H.

Chattanooga, TN

attached image

Kelsey's strategy helped me meet my parter of 2 years! We really connect on our shared values, which is something I had not fully experienced in a relationship before. Kelsey has a warm presence and is great to work with.

Mar 21, 2024


Sharon W.

Dallas, TX

I took Kelsey's course and came out with seriously so much more confidence and a sense of peace about my recent break up. Now I know it's not anything I failed at or did wrong. I feel a LOT more confident about going into the dating pool. Looking forward to what comes next!

Jan 4, 2024




I was addicted to emotionally unavailable men and used to think it wasn't as "exciting" when a guy would show up for me consistently. But thanks to Kelsey's courses, now I know it is healthy. My favorite part has to be the core value/ personality exercises in Magnetic Dating Lab, because when the hormones kick in, it is so hard to stay rational. I came home from a date last night and reviewed all the things I wrote down during the course, and it really helped me evaluate how I feel about him and our connection. Excited about where this is heading!! Thank you Kelsey for the hard work you put in!

Jan 4, 2024


Lexie Houston

Hong Kong, China

It's crazy how fast your strategy works. I changed my bio a few days ago and am having the BEST convo with someone I'm actually excited about 🤯 He seems very emotionally available and emotionally mature!

Jan 4, 2024


Nicole C

Des Moines, Iowa

Before taking Kelsey's program, I probably never would have given my now-fiance a chance since he wasn't my "usual type." But I am so happy I didn't let surface level things keep me from meeting up with him!! I have never felt a deeper connection with someone before 🥰 I'm so thankful for Kelsey's courses!

Nov 6, 2023



New Zealand

I wish I could tell everyone to work with you! Best choice I ever made was to invest in myself and in your courses. 

Advice I'd give people who are on the fence, take that leap and put the effort you're putting into unhealthy relationships back into yourself.

Jan 20, 2024



San Francisco

Okay literally less than 24 hours after I posted my new bio, matched with someone who is BY FAR the best candidate I've seen in over a year. 

Jan 3, 2024



After working with Kelsey, everything has just felt like it's going in the right direction. Like this is the most healthy communication l've ever experienced in ANY relationship of ANY kind - friendship, family, romantic…

Jan 3, 2024



Miami, FL

You'd be so proud of me!! I've been seeing this guy for about a month now. I asked about communication preferences- and when I sent the first text about it I really wanted to say something like "I hope this isn't weird to talk about" but then told myself ITS NOT WEIRD. And we had a great convo about it 🤗

Jan 3, 2024




Just had a first date today and thanks to Kelsey I was cool as a cucumber. I enjoyed it. But I enjoy even more how I feel! I've calmed my anxiety. 

He and I are both a bit gobsmacked about the connection but discuss it as intentional, emotionally mature adults who know better than to do anything rash. It's all kind of freaking me out. I feel like I'm truly behaving as my highest self.

Jan 3, 2024


Brittany Lopez

Fort Lauderdale, FL

I have been dating a wonderful man for the past 3, almost 4 months! I have never felt more happy, secure, safe and comfortable in a relationship before!! Kelsey knows her stuff!

Jan 2, 2024


Heather B

San Francisco

Kelsey's strategies WORK to filter out guys who have obviously given up on dating and are half assing it WHILE attracting guys who are taking it seriously. Since I started using the weed out question, I've found many guys who do actually want to get deep really quick! And it seems to be refreshing to them too instead of getting another "what do you do for fun?" message.

Dec 30, 2023


Alexis Hollowell

Boston, MA

I'm an MDL student and have taken nearly all of Kelsey's courses! It's been so helpful to learn what's normal and not normal in a relationship and how to refine my strategy to meet the man I am looking for! 

I would always get attached quickly and feel like my whole sense of self was on the line when a man I met a month ago started to shift his energy. I'm now more aware of my triggers and how to manage them appropriately which is one of the biggest takeaways. 

I also now know better regarding what to look for. Chemistry is important, but it's not everything! I feel very well equipped now because I know what to expect, what is a reflection of what I need to work on, and when I should exit a situation. 

Kelsey knows her stuff! I think it is very admirable how she has dedicated her life's work to helping women. She is very well educated and has had experiences herself which gives her the perfect combination of expertise to speak on these topics. Her impact is life changing and I could not recommend her enough! Thank you to Kelsey and her programs for the significant impact on me and countless other women around the world! :)

Dec 21, 2023


Katie Holder


I followed Kelsey's dating profile strategy and quickly matched with someone who really shares my values. We've been together for almost 8 months and it's the most fulfilling relationship I've ever had! Thank you!!

Dec 20, 2023


Leah Sanchez

Denver, CO

I took your Dating App class and started asking my hinge matches what was important in a relationship to them. 

One guy wrote me like three paragraphs of his answer and another said wow that question is too personal. So it is already working as a great weed out question!!

Dec 19, 2023


Madison Allen


I literally changed my hinge profile solely based on Kelsey's G.P.A. strategy and now I'm in a serious relationship with the man I've been praying for. 🙏🏼 Grateful is an understatement.

Dec 13, 2023


Simone A


Kelsey's weed out question strategy has been such a game-changer. Ever since taking Magnetic Dating Lab, I've been able to see red flags before meeting people in person and weed out people who aren't really committed. For example, I was asking one guy weed-out questions, and it was so obvious he just wanted a rebound so I was like byeee lol so helpful!!

Dec 9, 2023


Emily H.

Nashville, TN

Days after applying Kelsey's dating strategy to my profiles, I matched with multiple great men! It's been a while since I've actually been excited to meet someone from an app! And it's so nice to not have the fear of "I wonder if we're looking for the same things/ share similar values" because it's all out there on my profile and I used a great weed out question! For once, I'm optimistic about dating!! 😊

Dec 2, 2023


Kelsey F.

Los Angeles, CA

Kelsey's dating strategy is amazing. I mustered up the courage to create a Bumble profile using her approach, and HOUR ONE I matched with a dream partner. I had to pinch myself and try to be grounded because I've never been so excited about the emotional maturity level of a potential life partner right off the bat.

Jan 28, 2024


Gina D

Asheville, NC

I found so much value in Dating App Bio class and Master Your Attachment Style Masterclass. The focus on core values rather than surface-level interests helped me meet more compatible men on dating apps, and I can see through my choices that I am becoming more securely attached everyday 😄 Thank you for all you do!

Nov 22, 2023



Long Beach

100% recommend Magnetic Dating Lab!! It taught me to be my own mini psychologist in real life! I've been watching Love is Blind and noticing all of these red and green flags in real time. Now that I know this stuff, I can't unsee it!! So cool and SO helpful in my dating life!

Nov 9, 2023


Lindsey L

Finance | Austin, TX

Magnetic Dating Lab is 100% worth it!! I'm moving in with my partner, and our relationship is healthier than any relationship I've ever had in my life. I used to go after emotionally unavailable guys. So to be where I am now... to be seeing this man as my life partner and ready to move in... it feels incredible. 🙏

Dec 25, 2023



Engineer | Seattle

Kelsey's texting templates are so helpful!! Reading through them, I was like "omg I've had each of these scenarios happen to me" 😅 and it would've been so nice to have these templates. I love how they leave room for you to say what you're truly feeling, but communicate with grace and respect as well.

Oct 22, 2023


Rebekah H.

Vancouver, Canada

Kelsey helped me quickly match my now-fiance and we are getting married January 2024!!! 💍💃 I'm in training to become a therapist and wanted someone who is emotionally mature and self-aware. Kelsey is an expert at helping you attract partners like this while staying totally authentic to yourself!

Oct 9, 2023


Kayleigh C.

Dallas, TX

After Kelsey's course, I mustered up the courage to make a bumble profile and figure it out. HOUR ONE I matched with an incredible human I'm so excited to get to know better and we're going out in person on Friday!!!

Sep 22, 2023


Callie F.

Charlotte, NC

Omg Kelsey!! I think I finally called in a dream partner 🤗🤗 Didn't know secure attachment could feel like this! He is SO awesome. 6 dates so far and I'm pretty smitten 😊

Sep 2, 2023


Emily H

New Orleans, Louisiana

Kelsey offers concrete, tactical strategies you can actually implement (instead of abstract concepts that don't help). For example, this weekend I had a minor freak out when I thought my friends were ghosting me, but l used some of the skills from the Texting Communication Cure course and calmed myself down. It turned out they weren't ghosting me! But Kelsey's techniques definitely work for things that aren't just dating.

Aug 30, 2023


Regan D


I love my partner, but the best gift Kelsey's program gave me is taking away my ANXIETY about dating! MDL introduced me to the concept of self-trust and it's been the biggest game-changer for me to feel SAFE dating and attaching to a new partner. I don't feel so afraid of being left anymore because I know in my bones I will be there for myself no matter what.

Aug 18, 2023


Vivian K.


Kelsey got me through a toxic situationship I had trouble letting go of for YEARS. She brought me back to my values that I had all along, but that I totally lost in all of the toxicity. I'm finally dating again and am learning to be attracted to HEALTHY men!

Aug 13, 2023



San Francisco

I found Kelsey in her first New York Times article. I live in San Francisco and honestly thought Kelsey wouldn't understand the dating scene here since she's based in Nashville. I hired a different dating coach and it was a total flop. I went back to Kelsey's page and realized so many of her posts resonated with me. I took Magnetic Dating Lab in January and have been with my amazing partner for 6 months now!! No matter what city you're in, Kelsey's teachings WORK!!

Jul 30, 2023


Camille G

Executive Assistant | California

I used Kelsey's strategies on making your dating profile & found my boyfriend of 5 months 🥰 He is definitely my dream partner & we are very aligned in so many ways!! Thank you for the amazing tips!!

Jul 26, 2023


Vanessa Arthur

Graduate student | Alabama

Kelsey takes abstract concepts like self-worth and distills them into tangible, concrete techniques that work. I'm getting back to the place where I know my worth and I know I don't deserve what I've been tolerating from men. I'm getting comfortable in my skin and saying no to people who's values don't align with mine!

Jul 24, 2023



Los Angeles

Less than 24 hours after I posted my new bio I matched with someone who's the best person I've seen on there in YEARS. He said my profile was the most intriguing he'd seen and he wished he knew how to write his as well. So I sent him Kelsey's course!!

Nov 22, 2022


Lauren N.

Chicago, IL

Through working with Kelsey, I got up the courage to end an ongoing situation-ship, which I was terrified to let go of.

But I felt light and positive afterwards! Because Kelsey's perspective, letting go felt almost as good as falling in love with someone, because it was just so personally validating! I no longer need attention from a situationship to validate me.

Jan 5, 2023


Kelly Jones

Hoboken, NJ

I recently moved in with my partner of over a year who I met after using Kelsey's G.P.A. dating strategy!! Her strategy is based in psychology and what really matters for long-term compatibility. It changed my entire approach!

Jan 18, 2023


Kelsey D.

Kelsey's G.P.A. dating strategy is amazing. In the first hour after updating my profile, I matched with the best candidate I've seen in over a year!! I had to pinch myself and try to be grounded, but I've never been so excited about the emotional maturity level of a potential life partner right off the bat.

Feb 28, 2023


Hannah S.


Before working with Kelsey, I would blow up a guy's phone asking what l did wrong if he didn't text me back. Now? I'm secure in myself and instead look at his lack of response as information for me about whether he's meeting MY standards.

Mar 23, 2023


Brittany P.

Nashville, TN

I feel SO much more confident going into dating and I know dating says nothing about my worth. I can't believe I used to get so anxious, and now? I just don't feel anxious anymore! I'm at a really great place with dating and that is all thanks to Kelsey and her Magnetic Dating Lab program!!

Mar 29, 2023


Iris P

New Hampshire

It used to feel like I'm just always gonna be this anxious girl who doesn't know how to stand up for myself or prioritize myself in relationships.. But now I'm doing it *with confidence* and so much of that has to do with the guidance and safety you've provided me. Thank you so much!!

Apr 2, 2023


Hanna H.

Portland, OR

The matches I attracted after taking Magnetic Dating Lab are night and day. I had a date this weekend and dinner lasted 3 hours of great conversation and laughter. He listens to my boundaries and things are going great. I have such a new feeling of calmness with him. I'm confident and excited about where things will go!

May 5, 2023


Vedika P.

Washington D.C.

Thanks to Kelsey, I'm matching with great guys on Bumble that I can already see green flags in and that I'm excited about. The best part is that now I just want to meet people and see if it goes somewhere. I'm not so emotionally invested right away, and if it doesn't go anywhere, I know I'm gonna be fine and it's not gonna define who l am. 😊

Jun 20, 2023


Valerie M

San Diego, CA

The guy I met post Magnetic Dating Lab and I have been low key looking at wedding venues for December :) another success story for ya!

Jul 15, 2023

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