I would like to express my deepest gratitude to David for his invaluable assistance during my job offer decision-making process. David's guidance and advice were truly remarkable, and I cannot thank him enough for the time and effort he invested in helping me make the best decision. His expertise and insightful perspective allowed me to see beyond the surface and delve into the offers' nuances. D... Show more

Zoe Ansah

My name is Zoë, and I am currently working in primary education as a music teacher. David has been a distant mentor for many years via his twitter and newsletter, and I recently had the privilege of a call with him. In one session, David was able to grasp the complexity of my desired career trajectory, and brought fresh insight and questioning that challenged me to think even deeper about an area ... Show more


My name is Mahesh and I’m a musician who has been a part of various different theatre and music projects. I have performed, recorded and facilitated with different organisations. I had a call with David through his career hyperdrive initiative on Twitter and it was amazing. It really inspired me and helped me visualise what I wanted to do going forward and how I can go about doing that. The be... Show more


David was offering 20 minutes of his time free of charge for anyone who wanted to level up their career. I found the session incredibly helpful in such a short space of time - it enabled me a space to reflect, forward plan and consider what I needed to be thinking about and actioning now to ensure the future is what I want. David's ability to ask difficult but targeted and thought provoking questi... Show more