I perfectly agree with you on the crucial things to know about mastering your cashflow One thing about mastering your cashflow is that it helps you make better decisions as you identify opportunities or problems So far l have really enjoyed myself and learning on the potential benefits of using cashflows. I have 30+ years as a CPA but the vast majority of my experience was in internal audit your presentation helps

Andy Cruz

Fantastic course and inspired learning experience! The simplicity of conveyance and follow up with infographics instigate learned absorption and assimilation to the complex matter. Thank you Oana for the motivation and satisfaction in your lessons. Learning is infinite!

Andy Cruz

Priceless! Step-by-step guidance and infographics are vital educational tools. The simplicity of lessons delivered assimilates and absorbs the concepts easily. Thank you Oana! Looking forward for more insights and learning resources. For all finance professionals and non-professionals, take this course for not just the quantitative aspects but the qualitative nuances to makes informed decisions.

Andy Cruz

The Cash Flow Masterclass is priceless. The process flow in the presentation and the follow-up with quizzes and infograms are invaluable. Makes learning and assimilation so simplified and enjoyable. This is a must take for any non-financial and/or financial professional. Thank you Oana!
Rob Franks

R & L Franks Enterprises Inc

I am very much enjoying the Cash Flow Masterclass. It is very well put together, logical and detailed yet simple enough to not be overwhelmed. Excellent presentation!
Gerry Pelletier

Director and Co-founder, Stage Left Partners LTD.

Oana, you have made a major contribution to the accounting profession! I have never seen the Cash Flow Statement and the Cash Flow Management Process described with the level of clarity and completeness that you provide throughout this Masterclass. I've been an accountant (RIA, CMA, CPA) for 43 years. Your infographics are extremely useful not only for CPAs but also for non-financial executives and business owners who work closely with their CFOs. I highly recommend taking the Cash Flow Masterclass, implementing the entire process described in the course and using the KPIs to manage cash flow in your business.
Janusz Szyszko

Financial Consulting

I have big experience in financial management. So, I made big progress with The Cash Flow Masterclass. I was interested in your course because I saw it as something with different approach and point of view. And it really is. The course will be a great complement to my knowledge and skills. It consists condensed information with many details new for me. The course will greatly support me in my work. I appreciate it.
This course is engaging and well-organized. Oana has put in extra effort to make it concise and effective. I highly recommend it to non-finance professionals who want to broaden their knowledge, or experienced individuals who want to improve their understanding of Cash Flow. Despite having worked with Cash Flow Statements for years, I still learned a great deal from the excellent presentation and there's a reason Oana's infographics are so popular - they are brilliant.

Dennis Wong


I found the course easy to follow and really enjoyed the instructor's cheat sheets and Excel models. I can show up in meetings with my CFO and for the first time have something really smart to talk about. Yesterday everyone was worried about a few of our large clients paying late if hurricane Lee hits Florida. I offered to do a cash flow forecast and scenario analysis using the model in the course. I got 5 blank stares in the boardroom and the CFO said she didn't know we could do that here. I can see a promotion in my future! Really excited I took this course.


Eduardo Castillo


I used 2 good hours and I am very happy. I can use in my job easy. The Excel things are very good. I think the teacher knows a lot. I can study more from her and maybe be a CFO one day. Now I see a way. Gracias!

Andre Campagna

VP of Sales Certus

So happy I decided to sign up for this course. The material is presented professionally, making it easy to understand.

Luigi M

Just completed the CF MC course. Great course, explanations, you’re the best. I will definitely sign up for your other courses. Massive thanks for creating this content.

Colm Croughan

Sonas Nursing Home group Ireland

I recently completed the Cash Flow Master Class online, and I must say it was an incredibly valuable experience. As someone who didn't have much exposure to cash flow forecasting and cash flow statements in my current role, I was eager to find a course that could provide me with the necessary knowledge. This course exceeded my expectations. One of the highlights of the Cash Flow Master Class was its comprehensive coverage of both direct and indirect cash flow statements. The instructor, Oana, did an excellent job of explaining these concepts in a clear and concise manner. By the end of the course, I felt confident in my understanding of how cash flows are categorized and reported. Moreover, the course delved into the intricacies of the cash conversion cycle, shedding light on its significance and how it can impact a business's financial health. This was an aspect I found particularly enlightening, as it provided me with a deeper understanding of the cash flow dynamics within an organization. I also appreciated that the instructor provided practical resources to support our learning journey. The inclusion of Excel templates was a great aid in applying the concepts taught during the course. These templates allowed me to practice creating cash flow statements and reinforced my comprehension of the material. While the Cash Flow Master Class is suitable for beginners and intermediate learners, I would recommend it especially to those who are looking to build a strong foundation in cash flow management. The course covers essential topics and equips you with the necessary skills to analyze and interpret cash flow statements effectively. Overall, I am very satisfied with my experience in the Cash Flow Master Class. It provided me with the knowledge and tools I needed to gain confidence in dealing with cash flow forecasting and statements. I am grateful to have found such a valuable resource.
Eduardo Lima Porto

LucrodoAgro Consultoria Agroeconômica

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The Cash Flow Masterclass is amazing. As an agriculture economic consultant from Brazil dedicated to assist Farmers and Cooperatives, the tips and different views expressed in the course are being very useful to rethink many procedures that are wrongly crystallized. I am really enjoying it.

Charudutt Butala

Founder and Managing Director - Butala Consultancy Services (OPC) Pvt. Ltd

I found the course to be extremely valuable. I have completed EMBA last year and currently about to finish Executive Program in Strategic Finance course. I however always felt that I was missing practical guide on managing cash flow. The Cash Flow Masterclass has perfectly filled the gap. The slides, quizzes and infographics are of excellent quality with rich and practical insights that can be easily applied in our day to day life in an organization.

Vladimyr Mitchikh

VP Finance

This course is just fantastic! I got so much out of it and I think differently about everything now. I have an operations background so it was difficult for me before to really connect business decisions and cash flow. Now I understand how cash flow management is supposed to work and I can analyze how well it worked by looking at past financial reports. I now have a great template to plan our company cash flow and I know what to look for when I update and review the plan every month. I know what mistakes to look for and I can coach my team better. I went in to learn how to properly interpret a cash flow statement and came out preparing direct and indirect cash flow statements with ratio analysis. Just incredible value, highly highly recommend.


Giovanni Porco


I think this course is necessary for all finance professionals. I work as a CFO but I found it very eye opening and educational to think about cash flow more often and in more ways. We do cash flow planning for the year in my company, but it's not analyzed as she teaches in the course. We also don't do cash flow planning for more that 1 year and we don't really analyze it much. Great curse, good mix of tactical and strategical topics to take back and implement in my work. Really liked the many new ideas I got in this course, definitely recommend.

Anna Cross


I wanted to have this course many years ago when I started as a CFO because it would have helped me so much. I like how it makes cash flow easy to understand, and it shows you how to analyze and plan after you understand. I will have my team take this course too so we can all get on the same page. The instructor is great, very knowledgeable and brings a broad perspective. Yes, I recommend this course!

Bhavik Arora

Finance Analyst

This is a very good course with coverage of cash flow from multiple perspectives. I applied with purchase parity and I was really happy to learn from this. The Excel models are excellent, and the videos explain lessons clearly. I needed help to learn to understand cash flow and to build a cash flow statement. This course teaches also management of cash flow ratios, mistakes and how to plan and improve cash flow. I definitely recommend this course.

George P. Donovan

CEO, Donovan Financial

If you're wondering if you should take this course, take it! it's great value and you will walk away with both practical skills and strategic knowledge. Bad cash flow management or no management is a huge problem everywhere, you'll get ahead if you understand and apply this stuff.
Judit Szabo
Judit Szabo

Finance Director at MKM Elevators Ltd

I truly enjoy the cash flow masterclass. It has given me some tools on how to interpret and share information on the company's financial performance with my non finance co directors. I enjoy the quizzes at the end of the modules and the downloadable course content will be very helpful in the future too.
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An excellent refresher, usable downloads (love templates) greater detail than I'm used to. Look forward to the EBITDA and Financial Analysis courses when they become available. Thank you.