I am an RN with years of experience in Skilled Nursing Facilities and Community-Based Case Management. I hope to eventually work in acute care but I needed a "refresher course" as it's been years since my last clinical rotation at a med-surg/cardiac unit. Having worked as a registry nurse many moons ago, I understand that the shift reporting in my current long-term care environment typically focuses on different aspects of patient care compared to that of a hospital setting. Because of this, I cannot fully express how grateful I am to have recently encountered the Fresh RN podcast, and being able to access Kati's valuable knowledge and perspectives, including her "Nursing Report Basics" and Telemetry programs. They have given me a renewed sense of wellness and positive outlook. Kati is such a great communicator and motivational influence. I intend to enroll in at least one of her nursing package courses soon.

May 22, 2023



Just finished "Nursing Report Basics." Even as a seasoned nurse, I love these review courses from Kati's perspective--I always pick up something new that I can use. I also appreciate these courses to use with any preceptees and nursing students; it's nice to be reminded of things that newer nurses may be particularly concerned about and that we can help them with.

May 15, 2023



This mini course really helped me. Keep up the good work! Thank You

May 10, 2023


Rosslyn Taylor Burton

This course was very informative. I love it!

Apr 25, 2023


Sandrine Ribeau

That was so helpful! I am on day#2 as a new grad on a med-surg floor and I feel like I don't understand anything of what's going on for the pool of patients assigned to my preceptor. I can now see how I can better prepare myself before getting handoff reports with my nurse. I like how you focus on what is crucial. We can so easily get lost into the details. Thank you :)

Apr 22, 2023