Great course

Mar 27, 2023


Natasha McLaughlin

I loved this course it was easy to navigate and I gained so much knowledge on a variety of neuro topics!

Feb 20, 2023

Aaron Baxter

Aaron Baxter

I have just been able to more confidently and accurately explain neuro conditions to patients and family as they experience their stay in the ICU. Being more confident and understanding the complexities of neuro care have enabled me to better care for for my patients. As a new nurse, this course was a game changer for me.

Feb 1, 2023

Sandy Louis

Sandy Louis

I was new to the Neuro world and was not as confident with my assessments and knowledge, until I found your program! It gave me the information I needed to detect even the slightest changes and changed the way I viewed assessments. Each one matters when it comes to Neuro. Thank you.

Feb 1, 2023

Rachel Garrou

Rachel Garrou

This course gave me the information I needed to sound confident in my unit about basic concepts and the courage to ask questions about what I didn't understand! I'm able to communicate more effectively with my neurosurgeons and feel much more equipped to give them the information they are looking for when they round! It's been such a confidence booster for me right off of orientation - I am so tha... Show more

Feb 1, 2023


marcia depolo

I am an educator for nursing students and have been assigned to a neuro unit. The information was a great review for me and your delivery will help me explain concepts to my students.

Dec 23, 2022


Inga Schwartz

Most recently, I was able to detect a pupillary change in my patient that was likely related to over-sedation. Nonetheless, I escalated care, advocating for my patient and clarifying the patient’s actual RASS score as compared to what had been documented. Understanding the importance of obtaining an accurate baseline neurological assessment empowers me to communicate all findings to the team. All ... Show more

Dec 16, 2022


Hannah Schwartz

I love this course (and all of Kati’s courses). She somehow is so thorough in the information, while also making the information easy to comprehend. She interests me in her lectures. I have experience in medical/ surgical/ telemetry and will soon transfer to an intensive care unit floating in between a cardiac and neuro icu. As a nurse with little experience with neuro and critical patient, I beli... Show more

Dec 15, 2022


Nyla A

I transitioned from Med surg to the neuro icu at the busiest trauma center in the nation! This course made my transition easier because I was able to learn about neuro disease processes, equipment, medications etc., before my orientation. I was able to focus on the clinical aspect of my training, which impressed my colleagues. Thank you so much!

Dec 13, 2022


Rikki Daniels

I am starting a new position in a neuro PCU and I am coming from a more cardiac-centered PCU. This course has refreshed some knowledge and I am feeling more comfortable and confident going to this new setting.

Dec 13, 2022


Shawdi Rahbar

Thank you so much for this, Kati. I'm a newbie nurse that just started mid October on a stepdown neuro floor. I got your new nurse course and your neuro course. It's hard devoting time to them with my 4 BSN courses too but every once in a while, I spend some time on the course and it's really helpful. Thanks for all that you do.

Dec 13, 2022



I'm getting it a lot out of it! Thank you for creating it! The way I found you was just before I started my current rotation in Neuro, I came across some of your Youtube videos, the first being the ICU neuro report ... it's awesome. I'm not ICU, which was almost even more helpful, and impressive to my preceptor. :) So I purchased your Neuro Nurse modules, and have learned so much good stuff, it's... Show more

Dec 13, 2022



Great crash course by Kati Kleber. It’s amazing!!! Picked up a shift on my old (neuro) unit after almost a year, so this has been EXTREMELY helpful again!

Dec 13, 2022



The course was fantastic! I was an ED nurse for 2 years and just moved to a nuero/surgical/trauma ICU. I took the course to perform the best for my new patient population. It not only helped me brush up on my nuero knowledge, but better prepared me for my new role. Thank you! The content is great, and immediately helped me out.

Dec 13, 2022


Jeff Dimen

The Neuro Wise course has helped given me additional information in a clear and concise way and I think it will only benefit me as I journey through being a new grad in a neuro ICU. It is undoubtedly a steep learning curve, I will continue to make mistakes and struggle but I realize it is normal and in fact necessary that I go through it in order to become a better nurse. Thanks for all you do Kat... Show more

Dec 13, 2022



As a neuro ICU nurse for 5+ years I was unsure how much benefit I would obtain from this course. However, there were several lessons that had important information I was able to acquire. I would definitely recommend this course to my fellow nurses.

Dec 13, 2022