Levi Walker

Registrar, SVG Pharmacy Council

It is my pleasure to recognise Eknotec, a growing IT solutions provider in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. I have had to call on Mr. Richardson on a number of occasions for assistance to resolve computer related issues. I am very impressed with his response time, efficiency and thoroughness. I am a satisfied customer and remain confident that I can depend on Eknotec not just for solving our IT problems, but also for offering valuable and practical advice.

Sep 3, 2021


Luella Jackson

Accountant, Randy's Supermarket and Co Ltd

My name is Luella Jackson and l am the accountant at Randy's Supermarket Co Ltd. I was pleased with the prompt service I received when l needed assistance to access files from our point of sake system.

Aug 22, 2023


Jennifer George

Manager - George’s supermarket

I am currently the manager of George’s supermarket located in Mesopotamia and have been using Eknotec Services for quite a number of years. I have received superb, professional and prompt service every time I have a technical issue which needs resolving either with my computer or Point of Sale program. Eknotec Services has ALWAYS DELIVERED! Their service is affordable and of good quality. I can only wish and hope that this business continues to flourish.

Aug 19, 2021


Moesha Gage

Employee - Digicel

Exceptional, affordable and reliable service in a timely manner is what I always get. My problems are always solved and there's never anything to complain about. Get your laptops fixed here guys.

Aug 19, 2021


Mrs Parris

Teacher - Lowmans Leeward Anglican School

I had a laptop that was giving problems for a while, I was told about Mr Rayshorn Richardson at Eknotec Services and immediately called to asked for his service. He contacted me the next day to give update and permission. The next two days I was presented with my laptop in working condition up to this present moment. I would recommend Eknotec Services to anyone who has any computer, laptop or netbook to be service. The service is quick and efficient,try it.

Aug 19, 2021