Erik Fike
Erik Fike

President, Level 4 Ventures

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I worked with the Builders.CPA team on my acquisition for financial due diligence and tax structuring. They were, easy to work with, responsive and added value on our Net Working Capital analysis and 336 election to save a ton on taxes. We're now working with them for ongoing financial and tax support as we grow the business.

Dec 4, 2023

Brett salsamendi

Managing Partner

Brett Salsamendi Partner / Operator for DXDivers and Lighthouse Capital Charters Besides general management my primary responsibilities are financial reporting , financial analysis , capital allocation , and inventory management Since taking over DXDivers we’ve made financial reporting a priority. However we did not have a background in accounting or bookkeeping . We hired Mark over a year ago for a project to help create SOP’s around closing the books as well as build a custom reporting package for me to analyze and make smarter decisions . We were quickly impressed with his knowledge and quality of work. We decided to engage Mark and his team with an ongoing relationship that included bookkeeping , reporting , tax planning. He and his team have been instrumental in getting our financials dialed into the level of detail that we’ve been looking for but not able to achieve on our own. One of the best parts about working with Mark and his team are there pursuit of our company’s goals. For us having someone that listens to what we are looking for and works with us to achieve it to the detail we want is invaluable. Lastly this was the first year we utilized the tax service. Maher is extremely knowledgeable and we are confident we not only saved a bunch of money but set us up to be more tax efficient going forward. The combo of Mark and Maher give us a lot of confidence we are making smart decisions around tax optimization. Would highly recommend Mark and his team if you are looking for bookkeeping , tax planning , financial analysis , custom reporting and dashboards. In summary if you want to have your financials dialed in to the level you can trust and make smart financials decisions Mark and his team are the way

Dec 3, 2023

Boris Markovich

Co-founder at Ayrshare

As a small team building a fast growing SaaS software company, we rely on our partners to help with certain important business matters. Mark has been a critical piece of our journey handling all the accounting efforts. Highly recommended.

Nov 29, 2023

Joe Foster

Owner, Chester Companies

Mark was massively helpful in conducing a QoE as part of my due diligence on a home services deal. He uncovered a few critical discrepancies that helped mitigate my risk, and also just gave a lot of peace of mind. Signing a PG is nerve-wracking, and his process really made that easier for me. Thanks Mark!

Nov 30, 2023

Juan Carlos Mastellari

Juan Carlos Mastellari

NorthView Holdings

My name is Juan Carlos Mastellari. I am the CEO of NorthView Holdings, a Panamanian holding company that is starting to invest in the USA, especifically in the SMB space. Mark and the Builders CPA team are AAA individuals. Not only professionally but also AAA people. I am certain that Mark´s style and demeanor during the due dilligence interviews with the sellers we have had the opportunity to address, has added tons of value for the trustworthiness that he creates during conversations. We will continue to work with Mark in the future and we are even using him for other international engagements.

Dec 1, 2023