Lindsay D.

Thrive has helped me to overcome the feast or famine mentality. There's always just enough to fuel my mind and body without feeling deprived or overfed. It's nice to feel control over that!

Dec 4, 2020


Kari H.

So far I’ve lost about 25 lbs, 6 inches on my waist, and about 7% body fat as measured by my Fitbit scale. I’ve gone from a Size 12 to Size 6 in dresses and from a 14 to a 10 in jeans. Thank you!

Oct 14, 2020


Heather T

I was already familiar with tracking macros, but having a coach really helped my accountability; thus, helping me reach my goals quicker.

Feb 28, 2020


Vanessa R.

I just want to thank you for the wonderful program and for the guidance your program gave me! The balance of lifting weights and macro counting has definitely improved my physique and kept my sanity.

Feb 14, 2018


Erin F.

At first I thought I was just part of an automated system but I appreciated that Coach Ted was truly an active participant like clockwork, I know the accountability is helpful because I want to hide from him when I have a bad day or couple of days. It really is easy to follow when you get the hang of it and develop tools for helping fill the "gaps"

Jun 15, 2018


Jason D

Thanks for all the coaching. I am currently at 15lbs lost! So I reached one of my goals. You definitely helped keep me more accountable and the reading material was very helpful.

Sep 14, 2016



Thrive and the Macro Solution works for me! I learned more about the nutrition importance when having a balanced macro lifestyle. I love it. I also now understand the importance of macros with my energy and sleep. Ted helped me with understanding all of this, and always answered any questions or concerns. I was reminded changes aren't only on the scale, take pictures and over time you will see changes in inches lost and body composition. I am super excited that i lost eight pounds, and will continue to lose sticking with this lifestyle. Thanks Coach Ted, so happy with the results.

Aug 15, 2022



I had a great experience for the last 3 months. I enjoyed learning more about the importance of the right foods to eat/ quantities. At the end I got to my goal weight but more importantly I feel great.

Sep 26, 2022



After ordering countless diet books and trying more diets than I can keep track of, I realized that my endless cycles of yo-yo dieting would never end unless I made a change I could sustain. I was always searching for a diet that promised fast weight loss, not sustainable weight loss. I had lost (and re-gained) weight several times in my life and it was always because the plans that I was following were too restrictive and completely unsustainable. One afternoon I came across Coach Ted’s Macro Solution and was skeptical by the lack of gimmicks in his plan. It seemed a little too reasonable compared to all of the diets I had tried in the past. I decided to take a chance in almost 12 weeks now and am down 17 pounds! I was so surprised with how much I was allowed to eat and that no food are off limits. 

Oct 14, 2022

Annette M Crick

Annette M Crick

I have been holding onto this weight for years. Then Covid-19 called upon us, and I began working remotely from home. The pounds continued to creep up from the long hours of continuous sitting and constantly munching all day long. I've lost 60+ pounds, stopped taking insulin, and can sit with my legs crossed again. Words can’t express the gratitude I feel for Coach Ted with his knowledge and expertise in guiding me on this journey.

Jan 22, 2023


Jeannine B

Deciding to work with Ted and the Macro Solution was exactly what I needed! Ted taught me a much better way to approach weight loss, health, and most of all mindset. Instead of consistently reducing my calories and macros, he did the OPPOSITE and increased my intake to a level I had never dared to eat before and guess what...It WORKED when nothing else would. I had been spinning my wheels without making any real progress until I met Ted and implemented his plan. I did not have to give up my favorite foods, instead I learned to incorporate them into my plan. No food groups are off limits and I am rarely hungry. My clothes fit better and I just feel better in general. Thanks for everything.

Mar 1, 2023



Working with Ted was great! His system is clear, simple to implement, and most importantly… it works!

Jul 14, 2023