I have only been the Maths Mastery Academy for about 6 weeks, but during these 6 weeks, I have learnt many tips and tricks for solving problems. These have helped me in exams, as I can use these tips and tricks to be quicker and find the answer in a more direct way. I find having these lessons very practical, as all I need to do is join the link. The small amount of people in each class means that everyone has a chance to ask questions, and join in.

We use only a few platforms, which means that things don’t get confusing, and we know where everything is.

I think that I have improved quite a lot, from when I joined. I like the way that Marcus explains the questions, and I feel that I can ask questions if I don’t understand. Even though the people in the classes haven’t actually seen each other in real life, we all discuss and help people if anyone doesn’t understand the homework questions. Overall, if you are considering joining, please do! It has helped me develop my skills for exams, and for competitions such as JMC, and the Maths Olympiad.

Feb 15, 2024

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Sachin Sriram

Sachin Sriram

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I love Maths Mastery academy as it is so much fun. It teaches Maths in the best ways possible and Marcus especially has helped me improve my maths so much. I can’t express his help to me in words, so I have shown this image showing my progress. I didn’t get such grades when I started Maths Mastery Academy and before!

Apr 7, 2024


Karan Sharma

the main reason i enrolled was to learn and improve my problem solving skills and i have i now have a more efficient way of working with maths and i now love maths i would 100 percent recommend maths mastery academy to anyone looking for fun and eduactional ways to learn math

Apr 18, 2024