Kevin he

Vice President, FE International

I worked closely with Michael on numerous transactions during my tenure at FE International, where I was the head of our software M&A desk. Michael was professional and courteous on the deals we worked on and he was extremely efficient in financial due diligence and tech due diligence. He was also highly creative in arranging proper financing to support the transaction he was executing. Michael has extensive knowledge on lower middle market and microcap transactions. He understands the potential pitfalls for deals in this range (SDE and addbacks are good examples) along with materiality, which allows Michael to identify items that are true deal breakers. This makes him an excellent advisor for those looking to acquire a software business.

Nov 9, 2023


Pablo Cantero

I sold Michael two websites (apps), and the entire experience was excellent. Michael's experience in the process made it incredibly smooth. His openness to discuss documents was greatly appreciated. The transaction was straightforward and hassle-free.

Nov 5, 2023



* Could you describe how you started working with Michael? I started working with Michael a couple of years ago. I saw his testimonial in a youtube video from a online business broker and just cold-emailed him. I wasn't sure if he was going to respond and he did so we've been communicating since then. * Was Michael helping you with acquiring a business or selling your own company? Michael helped me acquire an online business by recommending and connecting me with an lender for online businesses. * How has your experience working with Michael been? My experience has been great because even though there is not a paid business relationship, Michael follows up with me on a regular basis providing tips and mentorship.

Oct 26, 2023

Tim Williams

Tim Williams

CTO at Zivio

I was introduced to Michael by my broker during the sale process of my first SaaS business in 2015 and from the initial contact through to the successful sale and post-sale transition he was a pleasure to deal with. I found Michael to be a committed, fair and straight forward individual and he was instrumental in us achieving a very quick and smooth sale process. Selling your business can be a daunting prospect so it makes the world of difference to be dealing with somebody like Michael who treats the sale as a collaboration rather than a competition and who can quickly discover and understand the key aspects of your business without requiring a mountain of due diligence. If you are searching for a buyer for your business then I would highly recommend Michael.

Jul 12, 2023

Video Poster
I am pleased to provide a testimonial for Michael Frew and his team based on my experience selling my company to them. My experience from start to finish was entirely positive. Throughout the process, the communication was excellent, and Tim, who handled the technical transition, was easy to work with. After the deal, reconciliation was smooth, and I was impressed by the enthusiasm and passion Michael displayed. I felt that my company was in good hands, and so far, the results have proven just that. Michael not only kept all his promises, but also accommodated several special requests I made. With no delays, working with Michael and his team was a fast and efficient experience that I would gladly repeat.
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Jan 21, 2022