Salesforce Administrator

Working with Marcus has been an absolute pleasure. He has a wealth of knowledge of Salesforce and other CRM related tools and remains proactive in staying up to date with the latest products and features. His willingness to listen and comprehend project requirements is remarkable. He has a genuine passion for helping others. Most of all, Marcus is a wonderful person who is approachable, kind, and ... Show more

Kirsten Corallo

Marcus is a top-notch individual. He gets the job done, and truly exceeds in his expertise. Marcus possesses a wealth of marketing technology knowledge, is a problem-solver, and also does a superior job in educating those he is working with.
Katelyn Graham

Katelyn Graham

Marketing Associate at Seawind Foods

Marcus is great to collaborate with! When it comes to tackling a new system like Pardot, it can seem daunting, but Marcus has a unique way of starting with the fundamentals and then expanding on what you have learned. He provides you with the knowledge needed to handle tasks on your own, yet is ready to lend a hand if necessary. He is incredibly patient (believe me, I tend to ask a lot of question... Show more
Marcus is an awesome asset to have. He is the epitome of quality and good communication
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Becca Quinn

Marcus was super pleasant to work with and I would absolutely do business with him again and recommend him to anyone.
Marcus was fantastic to work with. Everything from communication to his work. I would say the biggest thing that stood out about Marcus, was the time he spent but more importantly, he will tell you his honest thoughts. He proposed a few great ideas which would cut him out of a job but put the client first which I greatly appreciated him and made me wanted to use him more. Overall, 10/10 on eve... Show more
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