Syneva Colle

Dr. Rethorn gave me enough information to feel like I really understood rather than having to just "put faith" in you as the professional. But at the same time he didn't over-explain or spend a ton of time talking, which I think happens so easily when an expert talks to a non-expert. Dr. Rethorn seemed 100% patient-focused because you paid attention to providing exactly the amount of information which would be helpful to me.

Amy L'Esperance

The exercises Zachary assigned have been SO helpful!! My neck, shoulders, and arms feel great - no more pain or tingling. I am so thankful for Zachary's help and for the timing, since I have an important audition coming up soon!


Gregory McCubbin

#1 thing was real world expertise that could point out the potential flaws in other PT's perspectives

Adrian L'Esperance

I had this pain in my neck and I couldn't find anything that helped. I tried muscle relaxers every day for years, saw a chiropractor, and saw two different types of massage therapists. I found Zachary and started working with him via telehealth. Despite being used to very hands-on physical therapy in the past, working with Zachary really made a difference! I thought I would need surgery but in just three visits, Zachary took away the pain and is allowing me to really function much better in my everyday life.