After joining SecurityScorecard, Ronen immediately made a bottom-line impact by scaling our BDR team. He is business savvy, adaptable, and always seeking improvement. Both in himself, his team's processes and in the use of new technologies to seek 10X results. He is a great business partner to have.

I am a big fan of Ronen - he is a fantastic leader and a reliable partner to have in a business.

In my time working with Ronen at Stylo (and before that at SecurityScorecard) I witnessed first-hand Ronen's exceptional ability to be on the front line and build and lead a high-performing SDR team. With a strategic vision and excellent execution, Ronen is a driven leader who can build high-performing SDR team for any company looking to grow to new heights of success. I highly recommend Ronen to any organization aiming for accelerated growth through outbound sales development.

Ronen has two of the best characteristics for Sales leadership; Passion and Dedication. Everyone who he works with is not just better at sales, but better as a person. He drives individuals to be better at everything they do, not just being a good employee to the company. He also has the most creative ideas for motivational/morale building I have ever come across from a leader!
Tom Slocum
Tom Slocum

CEO, The SD Lab

Ronen is one of the best Sales leaders I have ever come across. He walks the walk and talks the talk. I have worked alongside him now for almost 2 yrs now & he is one of a kind. He is brilliant when it comes to an all-around GTM strategy. He evens has now begun going to market with his own product & if you haven't already I highly recommend checking it out! Game changer. Ronen is an A++ stand-up leader, coach & friend!

I had the pleasure of working with Ronen Pessar. He was an integral part of the revenue generation process and did an excellent job hiring, training, and developing the SDR team. He was always very focused on building alignment across the sales & marketing teams, ensuring both upstream and downstream partners hit their business objectives.