Rosie is the real deal. Community building is a very specialized skill. There are few people out there that have honed this skill and repeatedly demonstrated it in the way that Rosie has. Not only does she build amazing, highly engaged, and thoughtful communities, she continues to push the practice forward in terms of creativity, definitions, and in defining what great looks like. And there are proof points everywhere. She is one of the few community leaders that whose credibility and influence transcends beyond the community industry. I have learned so much through reading Rosie's works, participating in her community, and through conversations directly with her. I am absolutely better at what I do because of Rosie.

Mar 9, 2023

Max Pete
Max Pete

Community Lead, SuperHi

I can't thank Rosie Sherry enough for creating the Rosieland community. It is one of my favorite communities that I am a part of and I have learned so much from the awesome people in it!

Mar 22, 2023

Tim Maggio
Tim Maggio

Community Manager, NASFAA

Rosieland is, by far, one of the best communities I've experienced as a community professional. The access to conversations, expert knowledge, and professional development are invaluable.

Mar 21, 2023

Video Poster
Kasia Triantafelo

Running Remote

I lead the Running Remote community - application-only community for founders, C-level executives and People Ops executives leading remote companies. I've joined Rosieland paid community at the beginning of my community building journey and I can honestly say that I would not have been where I am now if not Rosie. I've got enormous amount of help, insights and resources out of it! I recommend it to any community builder - whether you are just starting or been in the industry for a while - you should join!

Mar 3, 2023

I am a community consultant and strategist, helping businesses to create welcoming spaces for their people. Rosieland helped me with tonnes of resources and workshops on community building and management. Thanks to being on the "Rosieland Community Consultants" list, I had multiple business enquiries. The best thing about Rosieland is the infinite amount of curated resources on community.

Mar 2, 2023


Shane Lennox


I came to Rosieland because I'm working on a product for community builders. Rosieland has been an amazing source of inspiration, learning and connection, even as someone coming in without much community knowledge. Can't wait to see where it goes...

Mar 2, 2023


Operations Consultant at SaraNoSaocks

As a community operations consultant helping busy community builders and managers tackle their operations, Rosieland has been instrumental in my journey. Taking the Rosieland Community course helped to launch my community career and the continued resources, insights and discussions keep it moving forward. Rosieland is for anyone who's looking to grow as a community professional!

Mar 1, 2023