Mary T. Maran

The work produced by Matt Sullivan exceeded expectations. Timely, delivered in two different formats that aided filing, and thorough.

Jul 28, 2023


Carmen N

Sullivan|Simon wrote a great federal sentencing memo for my client. He was facing 10 years under the guidelines. He got one day. Needless to say, I’ve hired them for more work.

Apr 26, 2023


Richard J. Fuschino

I hired Sullivan|Simon to ghostwrite a brief in support of a petition for habeas corpus. S|S ghostwrote an excellent, thoroughly-researched brief, which met my high standards. I have since hired S|S to ghostwrite two Third Circuit briefs. I cannot recommend Sullivan and Simon highly enough. The quality of their work is exceptional.

Apr 27, 2023


Jess T

Sullivan|Simon is super knowledgeable and always willing to help. Recently, a partner at my firm assigned me to draft a statement of errors for an appeal. I had a question and asked one of the guys at Sullivan|Simon. He gave me an answer, and when I spoke to the partner about my question and solution (I didn't reveal how I found the solution), the partner confirmed that I was correct. Sullivan|Simon made me look so smart!

May 1, 2023



These guys eat and sleep research and writing appeals. I always reach out to discuss issues to raise, appellate procedural rules, and the current controlling cases on all issues. They are responsive to requests for help and can be relied on to have the correct answer. I recommend any attorney needing help with appellate issues to give them a call.

May 3, 2023


Jason Kadish

Sullivan & Simon provides top-notch support, writing and research in a timely manner. They've assisted on both state and federal cases, and I've always been completely satisfied with the quality of their work. I highly recommend their services.

May 4, 2023