Judith McLaughlin

Judith McLaughlin

The Socialpoint Trivia game in the booth worked seamlessly for our booth attendees. It was a big hit and significantly helped with our booth engagement activities. We set up a small tablet with the leader board posted and everyone used their phones to play using the QR Code provided. The ability to add our own industry specific questions was a big plus. As a result of this addition to our booth in 2023, we won “Best of Show” at the conference and the “Unique Traffic Builder” (the Socialpoint Trivia Game) was critical to us meeting all the criteria of the award. Thank you Socialpoint!!

David Musyj

You truly cannot find a better quality product at this price point with all the "hands-on" support provided by SocialPoint. You will not be disappointed.

Lexy Maxwell

I am the marketing manager of a software company located in North Carolina. Throughout the pandemic, social point has allowed us to continue to engage with prospects and customers. The company is always available for questions and has helped us to use the platform to reach our goals. With the return of in person trade shows, we are finally able to use social point how we originally intended, but will be able to continue to connect virtually with others through the platform. We know that whenever we want to change things up, there will be a new software update or a teammember willing to brainstorm ideas.

Dave Bruno

SocialPoint's Trivia Games for corporate events was a home run for our virtual global sales meeting. We needed to engage our attendees with a way to learn new information during three long days of video meetings. SocialPoint trivia helped us create a series of fun, interactive and educational Pub Quiz games that were wildly popular with our attendees. Even though the games were easy to set up, Katie was always there t to help me when I needed it. The games were super easy to run, and they made it easy to ensure great experiences - can't wait to try more features!

Susan VanWingen

We used SocialPoint live trivia as a networking event for a virtual conference we hosted (which until 2020, had always been an in-person event). Our trivia event went so well! No one had an issue joining the platform and the questions gave our participants a lot of great prompts to interact. It was wonderful. I know we’ll continue to use it until our month is up, and might even renew for a month here and there for internal team fun times! It was so easy and perfect for our social networking activities for the conference!