Giles Richardson - Kinetixphotos

I think Mark & Suzanne have done an excellent job in creating this Course, with good methodology with how it has progressed and key objectives and coaching ideas. The working synergy also works very well with both different experience and coaching. Kudos !

Toni Kiremidjian

Love the range of material, videos, homework, workshops, one to ones. The presentations, social media and the structure. The way presented by both Suzanne and Mark.


My 1:2:1 sessions were really good.

Doreen Barton

The course was excellent and I will complete but some life issues meant I had to step away for a bit and it became challenging to restart although I have progressed outside of SUS4S.

Michael Cherrington

Very comprehensive content, great advice from Mark and Suzanne, valuable to have the opportunity to chat and build relationships with like-minded entrepreneurs

Charis Angel

It was absolutely fantastic, I loved it all and want to do it again. Very grateful for it!


I think the course is done with accurate expertise and, highly inclusive. I know you started slowly speaking when you realised I am an English pre-advanced stranger speaker and it, help me to gain confidence in speaking about my project.

John Ingham

The 1:1 mentoring with Suzanne was really good and prompted new ways to think about my business.

Ian Redfern

Illuminating and engaging.

Sarah Powell-Pisareva

The course was amazingly uplifting and helpful, thank you Suzanne and Mark. My favourite session was the Lean Canvas that helped me clearly create my business on one page. As an introvert my most awkward activity was pushing me to go and talk to potential ideal clients every week. But it opened doors I didn't know were already ajar, and I got clients already before the end of the course! I also... Show more

Katy Milner

I really enjoyed the Thursday sessions and felt excited every week to watch the videos and do the homework. Suzanne and Mark are so inspiring and fun and the group felt very supportive.

Charlotte Carty

This course has been so helpful in formulating my business idea and bringing it to a reality. Suzanne and Mark have been inspirational and the camaraderie with the other group members has been fabulous. Highly recommended!

Alison Crossick

I thought the whole programme was well structured and well paced. Good management of a wide range of business ideas and people's needs within the group.

Robert Aldington

This was a great course to help organise ideas about making money from particular products and services. It prompted me to decide which marketplaces to enter and leave, and how to do that. The opportunities to interact with others in similar situations were, and continue to be, invaluable.

Monica Bumbury - NutriouslyMonica

The course was very helpful and supportive. I've had great tips and ideas for my business :)

Nicola Peachey - Memory Box

Undertaking this course has enabled me to step outside my comfort zone to discuss my ideas with others on the same journey as myself and be expertly guided and encouraged by the founders of Start Up School For Seniors, Suzanne Noble and Mark Elliot in a solid grounding of starting a business and overcoming the pitfalls along the way. The resources give much deeper depth and breadth to the 8 key s... Show more

Tracey Hewett - Mental Wealth Management

It was great to have a structured and supported way to think about a business idea. The community sessions and 1-2-1 mentoring conversations really helped build confidence.

Francis Robertson - Headsconnect

The course boosted my self-esteem and made me feel like a 'business owner' making a positive change rather than just someone who had drifted into part-time business. It also marked the point where my life changed from my previous job to running my business. I think the 50+ group is very important and it made me feel like I was with people with similar experiences rather than maybe a course desig... Show more

Mima Taylor

It was great; totally inspiring. Such interesting and dedicated people. I was very fortunate to get a place on the course.

Jane Shenton

A really enjoyable and informative course encouraging collaborative working and exchange of skills which, together with a less pressured 'don't beat yourself up' philosophy, seems much better suited to those with some life experience behind them.

Amanda Wynne

Fantastic course! Very detailed range of topics with experienced course leaders who were generous with sharing their knowledge and time. Interaction with other participants was supportive and beneficial. So glad I found Startup School and have sign-posted to others who are looking at setting up in business. Highly recommend it.

Nushin Elahi

It was a fantastic course, and the best bit was meeting other people of a similar age and hearing what they are embarking on and being inspired by them.

Rosalba Randall

I think the support, expertise and commitment Mark and Suzanne gave is amazing. Love their approach and sense of humour. It’s very refreshing and makes the learning process lighter.

Sonia Moore

I really appreciated all the time, effort and work you put onto making the project such a success. Well done to you and Mark. You both make an excellent team.

Milly Taylor - London School of Horticulture

I attended the intensive course in November and really enjoyed it. It helped move me along from just carrying around a good idea in the back of my mind to focusing on what steps it would take to turn it into a real business. Between the course leaders, the materials and the other students I got loads of good ideas and feedback and by the end what had been obstacles had started to feel like inter... Show more

Carmel Durkin - teacher and educational psychologist

Startup School for Seniors provides a brilliant opportunity to be supported and inspired by experienced business people (Mark and Suzanne) and a range of talented professionals, with encouragement from like-minded peers, to make progress with your business idea. It's a well structured, friendly and very worthwhile course.

Irene Harvey

Superb support and guidance. I went into the course with a ‘fixed’ idea and came away with something very different. I felt confident to put it into practice and now I’m running my own shop on ETSY, with plans for my own website. I would still have been floundering without the encouragement to make me think about what I wanted and my potential customers needed. Thank you Suzanne & Mark.

Janice Kruse Grant

The course was very well thought out and led into great steps to be able to help you to understand where you are now and where you want to go. Clear steps and important information around various sides of a business. It was very well rounded and covered all areas that you need to look at starting up a business, or changing your mind as it may not be what you really want to do. I think all the vide... Show more

Pamhidzayi (Pam) Nyamadzawo

I have acquired valuable information, knowledge on how to navigate through the steps to take to start a business. The course was informative about how and where I can find resources to help me start my business, and how I can reach out to my customers. Discussion about payment methods was an eye opener.

Harbinder Sodhi

Absolutely brilliant and fun - wish it was longer. A must for everyone starting a business.

Heather Wright

Brilliant - so helpful to be taken step by step and also the mix of self-learning and online seminars.

Nikki Appelboom

Fabulous course, well structured, has great integrity - you guys are real Change Agents :)

Patricia Gestaso

This course is fantastic. The content - videos, transcripts, and exercises - is spot on and the coaches Mark and Suzanne are amazing. They are supportive and fun at the same time that they nudge participants to stretch outside our comfort zone. The weekly zoom calls are one of the highlights of my week. This program has helped me to build confidence in my business and, more importantly, in myself ... Show more

Helen Smith

I have found the Senior Start Up School to be really beneficial. Even though I have run businesses in the past I have learned something new in every session especially about business structures and marketing. Despite being delivered over Zoom I was impressed with how Suzanne and Mark managed to create a genuine sense of community. Their knowledge and guidance was clear and always supportive. For ... Show more

Max Wallace - Health Defence

I just wanted to say a Big Thank You for all your help and advice. It not only helped me with my company, it helped me build my confidence back and in turn my life.

Sarhan Rahman

This really has been so helpful and I have learnt so much from you both.

Catherine Ferrar

Thanks for the wonderful course. I am enormously grateful and hope to be re-enrolling in January. This course came at the right time to really help me get things going as I've been working on the idea for a while and needed that extra elbow shove in the right direction!