Dara Walsh

My two children (3rd and 5th year) use Studyclix regularly. It's clever, intuitive and a great revision tool. The Exam Builder function has really helped them to revise specific topics and to become familiar with the style of question asked along with marking schemes. Studyclix Premium is definitely a resource worth signing up for!

May 4, 2020



We had a really great experience with Studyclix, my son is in leaving cert and has been using Studyclix for a few years now he finds it very useful, helpful and informative. As a parent I have found the service really valuable, they send great articles which open up discussions with my son relevant to what he is studying. The customer service is friendly, fast and responsive. There is a real warmth from the team and I will definitely use this service again for my daughter.

Apr 30, 2023



Excellent resource. My son accessed studyclix resources in 3rd year. When studying a topic, he could easily find past exams questions and the marking scheme on the topic. This brought more focus to his learning and his results improved as a result. I would strongly recommended studyclix

Sep 13, 2020


Studyclix has always been a valuable resource for me, both as a parent of exam students and as a teacher of exam students! It has made setting assignments to post on google classroom very straight forward. I would be lost in the classroom and now at home, without it. I would highly recommend it to all teachers, students and parents.

Mar 18, 2020


Julian Kikkers

Studyclix is a Lifesaver. I only got Studyclix just before Christmas in 6th Year. I was reluctant to get it because my teachers had recommended various paid services for different subjects which I found just didn't help and weren't worth the small fortune my poor parents paid. Studyclix Premium was well worth it. Having questions separated into individual topics has made studying more efficient for me, especially with the marking scheme just below. It has saved me so much time! And, on top of that, being able to build my own exams around certain topics has been crucial in my prep for the LC in the two weeks leading up to it. I also missed out on about two months worth of classes in 6th year for personal reasons, and I was able to get a handle on topics I missed using the videos and notes provided for various topics. While a lot of people say there is no replacement for in-school classes, I would argue that Studyclix is as good as it gets.

Jun 12, 2022