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Gabriel Bracy

Gabriel Bracy

If you're a business that uses outbound email as part of your GTM, you need to have Taylor set you up. I've done sales at 3 other companies in the past - 1 was a massive industry leader, another was a Series A startup. Neither of them had deliverability and, consequently reply rates, as high as we've had after using Taylor's services. He was available for us every step of the way, clearly defining processes and setting expectations. He made videos and how-tos for the team whenever we asked, and oftentimes when we didn't (thanks for that, btw). If we got what we were sold I'd be happy but we got much more.
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Rob Leckey

VP of Sales

Taylor is a results driven professional with a skill that I guarantee you don't have and if you don't learn this stuff, you will be left behind. The sales game has changed, and you don't have time to keep up. You need someone like Taylor on your team and in your network. He has delivered automation from me that is 5 years ahead of what individual companies are doing.

Kevin Bishop

Major, USMC

We, as a DOD entity, were able to use some of the lessons and techniques that were taught to creat a better inflow of leads. Thanks in part to these procedures and techniques, we have been consistently been the top ranked district in our field for several consecutive months!

Lydia Hutchison

The Ruevy Project

With all of the complexities that come with cold email and landing in the inbox, I can’t put into words how valuable it is to have someone like Taylor who manages all of the “dirty work”. It’s as easy as waking up to positive email replies with Taylor’s help. No more headaches.

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