Margaret J

I had a fabulous experience today with Karl at Unchained today setting up a multisig wallet. Frankly it has taken me 2 years to get the courage to do so. So wonderful to speak to a LIVE person who I could voice my concerns with and who could "walk me through" the entire process. For old farts like me who need some hand holding this is the way to go. I highly recommend Unchained. Not your keys... Show more

Jan 23, 2023



Based on what I’ve learned so far in my Bitcoin journey Unchained Capital has the right approach. The onboarding consultant was superior and rarely have I seen such a clean and carefully thought out web interface. This has escalated my interest and commitment in accumulating bitcoin and self custody. If you desire a multi sig solution I highly recommend considering Unchained Capital and their conc... Show more

Nov 18, 2022



I've held my stack of BTC since 2017. Coming into the space I was always taught "not your keys, not your coins". I always held my coins on a Trezor and seedphrase in my small apartment. As BTC entered a bull market in 2021 that amount of $$ sitting in my apartment became uncomfortable. What if I had a fire? What if I was robbed? During the bullmarket, my BTC became such a large portion of ... Show more

Nov 7, 2022


Josh J

I've always had concerns that in the event something were to happen to me, my wife and family would have trouble being able to access our cold storage Bitcoin. As I dove further down the collaborative custody rabbit hole, bringing other things to mind like a single point of failure was an oversight I did not think of. I first learned of Unchained through TIPS when David was on with Stig. This wa... Show more

Oct 27, 2022



Vault is live and I already sent my first multi-sig transaction! I've been putting this off for years thinking it would be so much more daunting and difficult than it really was. Unchained was a great way to onboard into it, I'm a very happy customer.

Oct 6, 2022


Brian M

Dear @unchainedcap I want express my sincere appreciation for your exceptional service and support. I recently had a security breach on my computer and I was not 100% certain that my BTC data held w/ Unchained was left unexposed to hackers. After calling Unchained Capital w/ my concerns, Nick and Connor Dent immediately put into action a plan that ensured all of my BTC holdings would remain s... Show more

Aug 26, 2022


I am so happy this company exists. I worry about the security of my BTC and have wanted to set up multisig for quite some time now but was always insecure about how to do it right. The Unchained Concierge service is world class and the patience they demonstrate with "not so technical" customers is amazing! Thanks Unchained for all your help!

Aug 25, 2022