Katrina Johnson

This course is a wonderful foundation for OTs looking to step into pelvic floor therapy.

I cannot thank Lindsey and this community enough for their continued support!


Danielle Dermer

I am an OT with 5+ years in pediatrics. Having become more involved in infant development and providing therapy services for babies, my eyes have been opened to the gaps in holistic care for their mothers' and have seen firsthand how mom's wellbeing comes second to everything else. This got me interested in pelvic health, which, upon talking to peers, everyone pointed my to Lindsey and OT Pioneers. I jumped in without hesitation and have no regrets! I cannot recommend this class enough for those who are new and interested in pelvic health and want to start from the basics, while also learning so much beyond the basics!
Terra Blanton

Terra Blanton

My decision to join OT Pioneers stemmed from my interest in viewing pelvic health through an occupational therapist's lens. I was drawn to the program's emphasis on a holistic approach, which aligns perfectly with my own values and aspirations within the field. I didn't have many concerns before joining OT Pioneers; I was primarily filled with excitement and anticipation. However, if I had any reservations, they were quickly dispelled by the program's reputation for excellence and the supportive environment fostered by Lindsey. Knowing that I'd have access to comprehensive, digestible information and approachable support was incredibly reassuring. What surprised me the most and brought me immense happiness was how accessible and supportive the entire OT Pioneers experience turned out to be. Lindsey's approachability and the program's commitment to presenting complex information in a clear, understandable manner exceeded my expectations. This level of support and guidance has truly made my learning journey with OT Pioneers an enriching and fulfilling experience.


Jamie Provisor

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Thank you for creating such a wonderful course! I've been an OT since 2003, and this is one of the best continuing education courses I have ever taken. I feel like I've learned so much new material over the past month, and it is invigorating! I will be going over the class material another 2 or 3 times to absorb everything. I can tell you put a lot of time and effort into putting this together. Hopefully, it will be used to educated thousands of more therapist in pelvic health!

Jacklyn Iannitti, OTR/L

Being fairly new to pelvic floor therapy, I knew I would need some support and a team to lean on in an instant and that is exactly what I am getting from Pelvic OTPs United. Pelvic OTPs United is laid out in an intimate/ organized platform with all information available to apply to my clinical practice. Between the diagnosis deep dives, population specific topics, building a business and live meetups, I am constantly learning, applying and connecting - on so many levels! I have so many favorite parts of the community but the live meetups really light me up. It is a way to connect with other clinicians and feel like we are in the break room together although we are miles and miles apart- informally during case studies and Q and A's with Lindsey or more formally with Expert interviews. It is apparent Lindsey has a passion for pelvic health and supporting this community - I am grateful to be apart of it.
Kiyoko Williams

Kiyoko Williams

I am so glad to be taking another one of Lindsey's courses after first taking her OT Pioneers course several years ago. Although I'm only midway through OT Elevate, this course is already allowing me to connect knowledge from other courses I've taken and clients I've seen. One thing I appreciate is that this course is less focused on the volume of material and more so on the treatment techniques and clinical reasoning process that is so often left out of CEU courses. I often feel bombarded with information and techniques, and this course offers a balanced approach to complex conditions. The course structure and delivery really do remind me how valuable it is to learn from a fellow OT. Thank you!

Joanna Auger

The Pelvic OTP’s United has provided an ideal place to learn and share ALL the aspects of growing a career as a Pelvic OT. I enjoy how welcome I feel in the group. I enjoy how safe I feel to share any question and how quickly responses come to those questions! I don’t use social media, so this is my connection to like-minded professionals. I gain so much wisdom and knowledge from other OT's in this platform of sharing. I’m often not able to make the live calls due to the time zone difference, so I might ask that they be at a variety of times or an occasional different time. I am so appreciative of being able to watch them recorded and haven’t missed one yet since I joined! I don’t know of any better way to grow in this niche of OT than what Lindsey is offering. This concept of community and what she has created to help us help each other is brilliant and worth much more than the monthly payment required. This is more than 3 sentences, but I still don’t feel I have expressed my deep gratitude for this group. THANK YOU, LINDSEY!


Rachel Shomer

Lindsey... where do I begin? You are a guru! As a new PHOT, I know that I can come to you for a wealth of knowledge, but also for real life experience. This platform offers so much learning, while being away from social media. I think we can all agree that social media has its place for connecting and creating, but it is also overwhelming in the sense that everyone seems to know it all and have it all. Taking a break from the overwhelm of not feeling like I have it all or will EVER know it all and just focus on a group with like minded individuals all striving for wellness and growth is incredible. Guest speakers and interviews have helped me so much both putting me at ease and continuing my interest in learning and bettering myself to help others!

Sarah Kate Phillips, OT/L

The Pelvic OTPs United community is such a great resource for anyone currently practicing or hoping to practice pelvic health! I have 5+ years of OT experience but am new to pelvic health and absolutely love having a community to share wins, ask questions, and collaborate with other therapists about pelvic health. If you're interested in starting your own private practice, the community is also a great way to find others on the same path and find an accountability partner! I know the more this community grows the more valuable it will continue to become.

"We Treat the Mind and the Nervous System" -Danika Viola

"It Will Lift You Up With Being Around Amazing Practitioners" -Lynn Schulte


Jessica Lynne

Lindsey’s OT Elevate Course is a course that I would recommend to all therapists looking for tons of easy to use tools and an in-depth understanding of colorectal conditions. I frequently refer back to the extensive list of amazing tools when looking to recharge and refresh my sessions with clients. She uses her incredibly easy to understand language and wonderful enthusiasm to describe in detail colorectal conditions we could see as pelvic floor therapists. She developed an extensive toolbox that is easy to use and a breeze to refer to again and again. This course made me feel confident treating both simple and complex clients with colorectal conditions. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to elevate their practice! Thank you for creating this course and offering it for OTs!!

Carolyn Reynolds

I recently joined the OT pioneers course and I am delighted to have you giving me the confidence and education needed to pursue a career in pelvic health! Thank you!

"You Can Only Get This At the OTs in Pelvic Health Summit" - Rebeca + Jenna Segraves

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Lexy Martinez

There is so much value in the Pelvic OTPs United membership that goes far beyond acquiring knowledge and learning new skills. It feels like an intimate circle where I can ask anything and feel confident I will get accurate answers. The group members and Lindsey have been like cheerleaders, encouraging each of us along our unique journeys in pelvic health. Perhaps most importantly (at least for me), Pelvic OTPs United has been a safe space where I feel brave enough to let myself be seen and heard as a pelvic health OT, a place where I can be vulnerable in my newness. Every week, I walk away feeling more and more confident and better equipped to go out in the world to serve my clients. I couldn't recommend this opportunity more!


This course was exactly what I needed to jumpstart into becoming a pelvic floor therapist. Lindsey breaks down the content into manageable lessons and provides several opportunities to engage with others taking the course. I enjoyed the zoom calls to reinforce what I learned or still had questions on from the lessons.

Aidee Rosado, MOT, OTR

As an OT who has worked with Physical Disability, this course just adds so much more to how I see all my patients. We truly forget in practice that our pelvic health is the foundation of all of our movement. This course sets the stage to really help our patients/clients in the most vulnerable occupations that are often overlooked in the acute/inpatient/outpatient setting.

Abigail Buszka

I really enjoyed finding out information to bring to PTs that show the value of OTs in pelvic health

Cheryl, OTR/L

Lindsey's passion for all things pelvic health is evident. She is encouraging and willing to share her knowledge so that others can embark on this career path to help more clients. I feel as if this course has provided me with a foundation to start incorporating pelvic health into my own practice but also realize there is so much more to it than kegels.

Sheila Houle

This course is outstanding! If you are considering working in women’s health or pelvic therapy, OT Pioneers should absolutely be your first step. I feel so much more confident about my place. I also have a baseline level of knowledge and an eagerness to learn and grow more. Lindsey is incredibly knowledgeable and so generous with sharing her experience. I think the best part is that she is an amazing OT and this course highlights the unique perspective we have to offer.


Cathi Brown, MOT, OTR/L

Lindsey is extremely knowledgeable and presented material in a way that helps with understanding and keeps the participant engaged during each section. Not only was there a plethora of information about physiology and function/dysfunction of the pelvic floor but examples, scenarios, and resources were provided to assist with the participant in continuing their own exploration and learning in this field. The way material was presented it help to develop clinical reasoning and reminded OTs to look at findings through the OT eye.

Lisa Vu, MS, OTR/L

Lindsey's OT Pioneers course is an exceptional introductory course to pelvic floor therapy. She has an empathetic teaching style that meets you wherever you are in your journey to becoming a PF OT. The weekly momentum calls were especially helpful and engaging. I highly recommend taking her course!

Katie Butcher

This course has completely solidified and affirmed my value and drive to go into the speciality practice as an OT! Lindsey embodied the gold standard I would want from my PFT and role model as a provider! -

Emily L.

You were so gentle, body-positive, warm/welcoming, and sincere in your responses. You were confident, yet soft-spoken and always answered our questions thoroughly and in a timely manner. I never felt any question was a stupid question. You tied everything in to your personal and professional experiences, and always brought your examples back around to relate to the woman's occupation. So relatable! Those occupation-based examples are what I'll treasure most (e.g., discussing how home layout - stairs, etc. - relates to pelvic health issues was so fascinating as I had never even considered those things before). Not to mention the wealth of bonus content I'll have lifetime access to! I can tell you put your heart and soul into this course, and I appreciate you mentorship along the way. :) THANK YOU!!!!


I absolutely loved this course. It has provided me with a thorough, OT-oriented foundation for pelvic health knowledge and assessment tools. I appreciate how it addressed psychosocial and physical aspects, and encouraged us to tap into our own vulnerability and be aware of both our own strengths and weaknesses in order to best serve our clients. The resources provided are plentiful, very helpful, and I am grateful to have them all in one place to access. Regardless of your learning style, you will learn, as this course utilizes visual representations, audio, video, and encouraged hands-on exercises.


I am eternally grateful that I took this course! We have been in lock down in Trinidad (no OT services can be provided except in the case of an emergency) so this course could not have come at a better time! I savored each lecture and call because each was so packed with such interesting content and overflowing with positivity. I am working towards a perinatal OT practice and this course has not only provided a solid base in pelvic floor therapy, it has also confirmed my passion for the perinatal population. I feel like I can't say it enough: thank you, thank you, thank you!

Kari Rasmussen

I took this course over a year ago, then life happened and I was not able to put my new knowledge into use. Lindsey has graciously given lifetime access which allowed me to go back through the course now a year latter to refresh my knowledge, and provide the confidence I need to take my next step in becoming a women's health OT. There is so much information provided in an easy to digest manner that instills confidence in not only your ability to work with pelvic floor clients, but also your overall ability and skills as an occupational therapist.

Mary Krahn

This course has lit a fire in me and I feel so excited and prepared to enter the world of pelvic floor as an OT. Lindsey has provided so many resources in this course, so much good information, and an incredibly easy platform to follow. I would recommend this course to anyone thinking of starting their pelvic health journey.

Kelsey Ober

I absolutely loved this course and learned so much! I have walked away with a much better understanding of this specialty setting, the pelvic floor, its anatomy and conditions, how to help clients in this setting, and what it means to be an OT in pelvic health. If you have any interest in pelvic floor therapy, this is the course for you!

Danielle Shea

OT Pioneers was a fantastic introductory course into pelvic health. The online format was easy to navigate, and the weekly Momentum Calls were invaluable. Listening to like minded individuals with different experiences, provided great learning opportunities for me. Cannot thank you enough Lindsay for sharing your knowledge over these last few weeks! I am excited and ready to embark on the incredible journey of becoming a Pelvic Health Specialist!

Shauna Springer

If anyone is considering working in pelvic health, especially as occupational therapists, this is the class to take! Lindsey is extremely knowledgable on this topic. She explains things so eloquently and it's so easy to understand. The content of the course is also extremely organized and easy to navigate through when I want to re-visit a topic. You also have lifetime access to this course, which is amazing! Our role as occupational therapists in pelvic health is explained wonderfully and I now have the confidence to start looking for a position working as an occupational therapist in pelvic health! This course is absolutely worth the investment. Shauna Springer
Kristen Carnes, OTR/L

Kristen Carnes, OTR/L

OT Pioneers added a more client-based approach to the rather biomechanical training I acquired from other courses. Lindsey takes concepts that can be either overwhelming or nebulous and presents them in a VERY accessible ways. Thank you for giving examples that are both medically credible and accessible.


I’ll just say this. I was a pelvic floor PT patient for several months, and I think I learned as much or more from this course than I did as a patient (who is also a therapist).
Lori Sutton OTR/L

Lori Sutton OTR/L

Very lovely and accessible intro to pelvic health. Addressing urinary incontinence is a great place to start; something I’ve been curious about learning more on for a while, but haven’t made the effort. Will definitely start bringing these pointers into tx with my clients. Anticipate I will pursue further pelvic health education. More easily digestible mini courses, please!

Brook Machin

I contemplated taking this course for over a year after the birth of my second child. I didn't think I would have the time between work, like and juggling anything extra with 2 small children. The way Lindsey lays the schedule out for you is tremendously helpful and kept me on tract throughout the completion. I HIGHLY recommend anyone even considering pelvic health as a practice setting to take this course. Even if you don't move into practicing right away, the knowledge you will gain will not only benefit clients in the future but you as a person as well