Michael Casey

Not to start out with flattery but this is extremely well written, putting the Twitter grinders and course sellers to shame. I can literally feel motivation as I read these principles, this is high praise as I have not been motivated in many years. I'm actually using zorga to improve my life.
I'm a very systemized kind of person. Zorga helped me summarize and categlrize where I needed work and allowed me to target those focus areas rather than try and "boil the ocean". If you're looking for a structured way to optimize your life and well-being then Zorga is for you.

Miranda James

I decided to try Zorga because I felt so disorganized and had no idea where to start making changes that would help me get in control of my life. Using Zorga I was able to outline real goals and set a clear path on how to achieve them. I started looking forward to crushing my goals because I could finally figure out what I needed to do, from the smallest steps to the largest. I stopped overwhelming myself with thoughts and began to take action. I would recommend Zorga to anyone who needs to get their life in order. It really helped me!

Mr. Brewer

I started using Zorga because I needed to get organized. I've tried other tools and never found a solution. Other apps are either too complicated or don't have enough tools to handle my needs. Zorga is straightforward and easy to use. It's a total game changer. Thanks Zorga.