Benjamin Kettey-Tagoe

Benjamin Kettey-Tagoe

When I made up my mind to study data analytics I browsed the internet to know my best options with constant checks, and responsible for my actions. came through saw a post on Twitter and jumped onto it. I was amazed at the clear and simple examples. Explaining in detail what most tutorials wouldn't share. It was also my first time studying python. I loved everything about the course. The... Show more


As a Java developer, I only started using Python for personal projects a few months ago. Datagy has made learning Python so easy and I can't believe how much it helped me accomplish in such a short time. Nowadays, I always check datagy before I google any Python questions. I appreciate the precise and straightforward answers!

Evan D

The Python in 30 days course was incredible. As someone who has tried to get into Python multiple times, the course kept me engaged. I finally feel like I can use Python at work and do stuff for myself instead of having to search up solutions to every problem!