I have coached for 25 years, and have tried to stay current on training and coaching methodology throughout my career. 

I can confidently say the XCTS is the best value and input I've received in my coaching career and was effective both as far as results and injury prevention. 


My 25 runner freshman program was 100% on the "no prior training" XCTS and for the first time in my coaching career no athlete was injured during the entire season!!! 

The top runner set the school record for the 3K and 5K and the team overall did well by historical standards. The training system for my varsity was greatly influenced by the XCTS. The 16:09 team average at our Divisional meet was the fastest in school history and every member of our team had a PR at Divisional or States. Injuries were much less frequent. 


Though we did have three ankle injuries, I think this is due to me NOT following elements of the XCTS-where I failed to progress the post run work and add in do heel walks and other ankle strength work and I also failed to follow the instructions of having guys spike up for strides in advance of some density of racing. 


Overall, the team was in the trainer's room less and was highly competitive in the most competitive division in the state of MA. Part of this was actually backing off of some of the intensity in my program and more importantly progressing ALL ELEMENTS of the training stimulus.

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Seth Kirby