The mental skills course was a game changer for our team this last season. 

Every week we would listen to a segment for 25 minutes (teenage max attention span!) and some weeks we would double up for two days. Kids had the option to take notes to keep in a folder and they wrote a ton! 

There were so many powerful pieces that moved us. John O’Malley’s message of performing not for yourself, but in the service to honor others moved us toward a bond that led our boys to a Regional title. 

I had my girls listen to Dan Iverson’s explanation of how girls are not faster than women and it helped so many of them going through those tough physical changes and knowing that they can continue to improve. 

Shannon Thompson was incredible and gave us concrete strategies to put into action each week. Jay’s visualizations took us through the end of the season and kids started making it a regular practice. 

From the breathing and relaxation strategies to Steve Magness’ amazing analysis of the power of our own thinking, we got so much from this course! We didn’t even get through all of it! 

Our last segment was perfect with Jesse’s infectiously positive talk making them truly happy and grateful to be on the State Championship line. 

In the airport on the way home from NXR our boys spotted the NAU team who had just won the NCAA championships that same day! They jumped at the chance to get a picture with them and their trophy, and they instantly felt a connection knowing that Shannon helped them get that title, and she 100% helped us get ours! 

As a coach I’ve never felt confident with the sports psychology side of training, but now I do. It was exactly what we needed, so thank you Jay for putting together such a valuable tool.

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Rhonda Beadell