BLUF is a disciplined, unbiased and practical step-by step guide to getting your entire financial picture in order. As a military member in the modern age, we are bombarded with poor financial advice from social media to insurance/mutual fund salesmen who don’t care about what we really need. It is refreshing to see someone coming at the space from a fee only and fiduciary standpoint and gets what our community needs. I care about personal finance and felt like my family had our bases covered, but this program has elevated our entire financial plan and showed us where we could improve. BLUF has helped me and my wife set goals, consistently track our spending, right size our insurance, and find an asset allocation that matched our risk tolerance and time horizons. One of the most important things it’s done is motivate us to get our estate in order. I rest easy knowing we now have the proper legal documents and practical tools that will support our loved ones in the event we are no longer here. The program has been priceless, and the value it has added for my family is exponential. Thank you, Erik, for building something I and so many of our Airmen need!

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Shaun Mize