I am usually hesitant to purchase coaching education materials online. There is so much out there and often it is just information overload. 

However, when I saw the lineup of coaches/ professionals on Jay's Mental Skills for High School Runners course and listened to a few of the short clips, I knew this would well worth the investment. 

As Coach Dan Iverson notes in his section, Mental "Skills" implies this is something that can be learned, practiced, and improved over time. 

As a coach, I am guilty of spending too much time worrying about the minutia of workouts and realized I was not doing enough to prepare our runners psychologically and emotionally to be the best racers/ competitors they can be. 

Our runners are extremely dedicated, and I need to match that dedication by continuing to learn so I can best help them develop the skills they need to transfer their fitness into racing and put them in the best position possible as competitors. 

The interviews are great. They are presented in a format that is easy to listen to and gives you strategies you can implement with your team right away. This package has already proven more valuable than many weekend clinics I have attended. 

Bottom line: Mental Skills are often overlooked and undercoached. 

Coach Jay clearly took time to consider who to interview, what questions to ask, and has a keen insight into what HS coaches need to learn to help their runners. 

This package will help you as a coach to develop the confidence and skills to best help put your runners in positions to succeed as racers. 

Additionally, it will undoubtedly help your runners to feel like they are not on their own when it comes to the mental side of our sport. Just like runners can improve their fitness through the right workouts, they can become better racers, especially in the biggest moments, with the right mental skills practice.

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Andy Derks