Adam is one of the best leaders I’ve ever worked with! I recently tapped him on the shoulder to help diagnose and strategize solutions for process gaps that were keeping a brand-new revenue team from reaching quota. His observations and guidance were instrumental in helping align the team’s efforts and focus. Adam’s insights and ability to communicate the “why” behind revenue-generating processes have transformed the team’s dynamics and boosted productivity: activity metrics have improved by 55% and the team closed $366K in new business in Q1! With Adam's coaching, they’ve developed a communication toolkit focused on listening to and helping prospects, which led to more successful sales conversations and stronger client relationships. Adam's strength lies in aligning revenue teams to accomplish incredibly challenging goals. His empathetic, no-BS consultative approach, personalized coaching, and unwavering support will help you level-up your leadership practice.
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Shannon Brennan

Content Strategist, Little City Creative