I am a Product Manager, and Adam and I had a very productive working relationship and, as you may know, it is a tremendous accelerator for the entire company when a product lead works so closely and successfully with a sales lead. Adam's exceptional leadership and remarkable results at Oncue resulted in a spectacular turn around for an underperforming team, which lead to a remarkable improvement in won deals and pipeline generation. He helped me clearly understand what he and his team were hearing in the market so R&D could scope and build features efficiently. His expertise in GTM strategy, market research and analysis, and sales operations led to significant growth in revenue, decreased churn, and reduced time to go live. His personal commitment to excellence was evidenced by the implementation of updated compensation plans and the creation of streamlined workflows and targeted sequences, all of which contributed significantly to the company's success. If you want to achieve exceptional results, working with Adam is an experience that you cannot afford to miss.
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Audrey Donaldson

VP Product, Oncue