I’ve been taking courses in Photoshop for a while now, but it wasn’t until I found Nucly’s content that things really took off. The techniques and tricks you learn through each of the projects not only save you time and quicken your output, they genuinely help you get to the next level. After all the time I spent on tutorials and videos and project walkthroughs, I can’t believe how much I learned from taking Nucly’s courses. Now when I approach projects, I have an ease and familiarity that I didn’t before. These courses walk you through projects that allow you to test the techniques out in real time, with real context scenarios. With each project, you learn and apply new skills. By the time you’ve hit the end, you have so many tools in your toolbox that you can reach for when starting your own projects that you should have no trouble getting going. If you need to review a concept, you can just go back and re-watch. All the assets you need to complete the projects are provided to you as well. I can’t recommend the courses enough. Even if you feel familiar with Photoshop or consider yourself intermediate or expert level, there are still new things to learn! What I love most about Nucly’s courses is the information I’ve not seen anywhere else. The projects are fun, creative, engaging, and the learning happens without you even noticing. He explains things so well that you don’t walk away uncertain about why a technique is best or how it works. If you’re a creative who wants to understand how to use Photoshop to get your pieces the way you envision them, you can’t skip Nucly.
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