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Ashley Addison,

I have learned so much about emotions and mindset type things that have helped me immensely!  The focus on emotions has been invaluable, as I recognized that I have stuffed my emotions for a long time (perhaps all of my life??). I’m more of a “just keep your head down and get the stuff done” type girl, and while that has served me well in past seasons, it wasn’t serving me well anymore. I have been able to more quickly identify my feelings and actions, and then take action steps to change my perception of some current life circumstances. It’s been such a gift to my brain and body. I am in a place where I don’t need formal counseling, so this coaching community checks the box for me—as a place I can learn and grow and do so conveniently (and cheaply) right alongside my daily life things. I think I’ll be hanging out with LUCO for a long time!