I had the pleasure of collaborating with Felix as we contemplated transforming our landing page from Wordpress to Next.js. Felix possesses a remarkable ability to translate frontend technical concepts into comprehensible terms. For someone like me, who is technically adept but not deeply experienced with various frontend frameworks, this is invaluable. One of the significant advantages of working with him was his thorough explanation of the pros and cons of such a switch. I was particularly impressed by how he delved into the impact of the switch on SEO—from performance to the intricate details of meta tags. He also provided invaluable advice on setting up a blog and helped us determine if a CMS would be suitable for our specific needs. Another highlight was his quick and effective assistance with other integrations, such as Mailchimp. This revealed to me that Felix is not just an expert in one domain, but he possesses extensive knowledge across various tech tools and platforms. Overall, I would wholeheartedly recommend Felix due to his deep technical understanding and his keen business acumen. He has the rare talent of seamlessly intertwining technology and business to deliver genuine value.
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