The one-on-one consult was so energizing and encouraging, and chock full of wonderfully helpful focused insights and recommendations.

I have become much more aware of how my time is used, which is the first step to changing it. I'm gradually implementing strategies from the course and am already doing much better for turning off notifications, using blocks of time rather than repeatedly switching tasks, prioritizing what is important, planning and scheduling. I feel empowered and enabled to make real changes in my life.

I looked at what you do and what you offered as TG bonuses and could see a lot of potential help for my situation. Plus you seemed like an encouraging, supportive person 🙂 Basically a no-brainer to add some extra real help! I am also benefitting from signing up for your newsletter.

I would totally recommend others to work with you if tech/internet help is relevant to them. You did your homework to make good use of our time together and it was full of useful information, and extremely encouraging. I've learnt so much and will be checking into the various apps that you recommend. I've put a number of your suggestions into action immediately!


Wendy Smale