Dale of Revenue Reimagined played a crucial role in our journey of building a SaaS sales organization from the ground up. His expertise was instrumental in establishing efficient systems and a structured cadence for managing our sales process. This involved successfully transitioning from our old CRM to a new system, with Dale actively participating in defining the specific use cases tailored to our needs. Beyond system implementation, Dale's contributions extended to evaluating our overall sales strategy. His collaboration with our executive team unearthed valuable insights into our sales process, enabling us to set realistic sales goals for the future. Dale's insights covered various aspects, including the duration of our sales cycle, our external product positioning, and strategic adjustments needed to meet quarterly and annual sales targets. In summary, Dale's involvement with Revenue Reimagined has been instrumental in not only streamlining our sales operations but also in providing invaluable guidance for shaping a successful sales strategy. His expertise is a valuable asset for any organization looking to optimize their sales processes and drive growth.
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Olga Zimonjic Haygood

Chief Growth Officer, S44 LLC