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I'm a video editor freelancer who is trying to scale into an agency. I've had plenty of "mastermind calls" with people that I thought was a complete waste of time but with Chris's calls it was the complete opposite. The calls feel like they gone by so fast every time because I can see him actually listening to my concerns, taking time to digest your situation and then come up with personalized plans for your next steps in a way that gets you excited to start moving forward again. I used to think mastermind calls were all just a group circle jerk with people who want to "fake lead a crowd" and scoop followers for their own brand but my mind was absolutely changed after I had my call with Chris. This guy is legit. Literally no time wasted, gave actual advices that aren't just "mindset this mindset that" I feel bad because Chris definitely deserves way more recognition than most of the fake coaches out there. They use flashy marketing to scoop quick bucks and disappear, making a bad rep for actually helpful and legit coaches like Chris here. If you're having doubts about his service literally just hit him on his socials, he's like super easy to talk to and he's not gonna pressure you on anything. Call him. Send him a short message. Do something already.