The Email Copywriting Academy is the best copywriting course I’ve ever taken. Soon after completing the course I landed a gig writing emails for a marketing agency. So far every project I finished has been met with praise and adulation. The clients are thrilled and as a result, my agency is giving me almost more work than I can handle. 

So, whether you’re a copywriter looking to specialize in email or an online business owner struggling to write your own emails, you’ll be a bonafide expert after taking Chris’s course.

He starts with the basics then dives deep into the anatomy of good email writing, how to write effective launches, how to get clients and how to close like a pro. 

His no b.s. approach to teaching is a refreshing change of pace from most courses online. 

If you want to level-up your email writing game, look no further than The Email Copywriting Academy.

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Eric Wall