Why did I join VoP?? I have always been the quiet little girl who sat in the back of the room not wanting to be recognized. Afraid of failure and negativity. When I found my passion in nutritional genomics and wanted to help people understand this fairly new medical breakthrough, I needed to find a way for people to hear about it. This meant breaking out of that old me! VoP seemed like the best way to gain the knowledge I needed and challenge me to getting to that skill level I needed. Working with VoP has given me the confidence to use my voice and be heard. I have found that in sharing my knowledge with the world, I feel a real sense of empowerment. The resources that VoP offers are so helpful and it’s great to have such an amazing support system when you're just starting out. With their help, I am able to share valuable information about this field and hopefully make a difference in people's lives. I was amazed at the talent that was shared not only from the trainers but the others taking the challenge. The support from everyone was a game changer. The media exposure was a plus that I was not aware was going to be provided. It was a great surprise. I highly recommend VoP to people who are looking to reach a higher level of skill in their field. VoP believes everyone should have a chance at success, no matter what industry or profession they choose. The team is top notch and the results speak for themselves. Thank you!
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Patty Lach Daigle