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Daphne E. Jones

I published my book "Win When They Say You Won't", with McGraw Hill in December 2022. AND, I was in trouble! My book was not getting the traction that I wanted it to get, and I was not getting the number of engagements to speak that I felt that a speaker of my caliber and a book of its caliber deserve. Kait said to me, "Daphne, number one, you got to make sure you're clear on what it is that you're trying to achieve. Number two, simplify your message. And number three, always look at it from the perspective of what's in it for the audience, not only what's in it for you." Since then, the number of engagements that I've been asked to speak at has almost tripled. Subscriptions to my newsletter are going through the roof. My followers have increased, and I've only just gotten started with Kait roughly about a month and a half ago! Thank you!