Working with Nikolai Tarasov has been incredibly rewarding. His expertise in iOS development and its fundamentals is truly impressive. Nikolai possesses all the characteristics of a great developer and leader. He fearlessly tackles challenges and dives deep into problems, consistently coming up with creative and innovative solutions. During his time on my team, Nikolai played a pivotal role in solving complex problems, such as on-device measurement using VPN technology, which resulted in significant cost savings for our company. His journey from an automation engineer to an iOS developer, and eventually a full-stack developer, showcases his dedication and growth mindset. Moreover, Nikolai’s mentorship has been invaluable to our junior resources, guiding them with patience and expertise. I wholeheartedly recommend Nikolai Tarasov to any business seeking iOS development services. His combination of technical prowess, leadership qualities, and mentoring skills make him an exceptional asset to any team.

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Sanjeev Kumar Viswambharan

Director of Engineering at Nielsen