I have been a digital artist for the past six years and despite considering myself to be fairly proficient at Photoshop, when I came across the Nucly Photoshop courses during lockdown, I decided to purchase them to keep building up my skills and knowledge bank of Photoshop. I was so pleased to find myself learning new techniques and tools which I believe has given my digital art more professionalism. I especially loved the Creating Atmosphere and Color Grading courses which have enabled me to improve the quality of digital art that I am producing. For an absolute beginner I believe the Nucly Photoshop courses are the most easiest to learn that I have seen available online. Rikard's instructional videos are clear and concise. Also being provided with the original files and assets is an enormous benefit to be able to follow along and understand how to do the various techniques included in the courses. Being able to download the videos and refer to them later on is another huge benefit to purchasing the courses. Support is fast and questions are answered in a timely manner. Overall, I am thoroughly impressed with Nucly Photoshop Courses and I recommend them to anyone who is wanting to learn or improve their Photoshop skills.

Ann Wehner