OMG! Fantastic and way beyond any expectations I could have had! Finally, finally, I am going to learn Photoshop! Among other things, I write books (and screenplays). My first book which I wrote 20 years ago, ESCAPE FROM PARADISE, FROM THIRD WORLD TO FIRST. Was very successful partly because my genius son had set up things using In-design. Back in the day 20 years ago, I was able to use Lightning Source to publish my books. Now Lightning Source is only for the major publishers and the newbies have to use Ingram Spark, however as an early arrival, I got to stay with the big guys on Lightning Source. I have also put some titles on Kindle because it was easy to do the cover, but, now, with your help, the cover is not going to be a problem. ESCAPE FROM PARADISE went far enough to be picked up by a movie company and I wrote the screenplay. The film was cast with Bai Ling in the lead role. She starred with Richerd Gere in Red Corner. Everything was going great and then the Pandemic arrived and who knows if or when the movie version of ESCAPE FROM PARADISE will ever be made. Rikard, you have given me the path to do everything on my own. No more finding someone to do my book covers (and not get it perfectly right). You are the best deal and the best find I have ever found on the Internet! Thanks, thanks a million. Hoping to return the incredible favor! John Harding

John Harding