Julie Garcia
I love that I can get some CEU while on the go. Currently I am a SAHM since having my second child. When I left my OT position, I was burnt out. The Club has given me a renewed passion for being an OT. I am able to apply the skills I have learned for the Club to my life as a full time mom.
OT Potential is my first go-to resource when needing some up-to-date research. The podcast about POTS was so insightful and helpful when I treated my first long-COVID case. I also enjoy the sharing of experiences and resources in the comments sections. Thank you, OT Potential, for making it easier for clinicians to stay relevant.
Shannon Radmacher
I love that Sarah combines review of research articles with interviewing clinical experts to create a well-rounded evidence base. I work in home health and often have long drives, and listening to OT Potential podcasts is a great way to make my drive time useful and obtain CEUs at the same time!
I am so appreciative for this resource! It allows me to keep current on research, and I appreciate the subject matter expert presentations (also the CEUs!). I also appreciate that the data is available to review on my schedule. Thanks!!
Shawn Wenzel
I would just like to thank everyone who has presented on this site as I have learned a lot and it is a convenient way to gain information and also continuing education. A big shout out to Sarah who made it all happen. The automatic credit to CE broker was a great help! Looking forward to a new year!
We love having all of our staff enrolled in OT potential. It helps us stay up to speed on research and has led to some great discussions.
I appreciate hearing from the article authors, as they often provide additional study details that may not fit within the journal's limited word count :)
Andre Padua, COTA/L
OT Potential Club has been so helpful to me and my OT field. I was able to renew my license with ease through my membership with a very low price considering that the modules and presentations given by the club is so educational and informative wherein I utilize them to enhance my knowledge and not just for license renewal purpose. This is such a Blessing to me and I highly recommend it to every OT professional out there.
PJ Bhakta
Love Sarah’s concisely organized take-aways and podcasts - listening to her or visiting otpotential.com leads to new information and varying perspectives. The club’s open-minded approach to comments and sharing knowledge is invaluable. Icing on the cake: no ads, clutter-free site, virtually zero reason to hit the “forward 15 seconds” during podcast because each second is packed with respect to the listener’s time. Thankful for Sarah’s dedication these past five years to growing her site into an attractive feature of the OT world.
The research and journal articles have been the best. Thank you.Ange
Becky Piazza
I love that membership allows me to stay on top of evidence and best practices across so many various clinical practice settings and populations, and how this comes right to my inbox! I also appreciate the diverse guest speakers, podcasts, and the ability to obtain CE. I don't know how I'd be a good OT without club membership!
I am so happy to be a member as a long time OTR (since 1996) and slowing down in my amount of hours working, I feel this club keeps me current and able to stay aware of what's happening in the profession
I look forward to every topic and am so appreciative of being able to listen to the podcast and take CEUs on the go! Thank you!!
OT Potential Club continues to provide quality, up to date information and resources, easily available. I appreciate to range of topics. My current sticker has generated many opportunities to share information about OT . With gratitude , Mary .
This club is excellent in the quality of resources and its advocacy for evidence based practice. Thank you for your efforts and generosity.
I love this podcast!!! Always something new to learn it is made relatable to every day practice!
I love That OT potential Keeps me up to date on the latest OT ,research, resources , and provides practical applications in a very holistic manner!
I absolutely love being able to keep up with current evidence based literatures by listening to podcasts. I am in grad school and don’t have much time for extra reading. The ability to listen while I drive is extremely helpful ! The Club helped me with current evidence base information for a presentation I did on Parkinson’s . This was a school assignment.